• creamy, balanced and complex
  • notes of ripe cherry and peach
  • smooth with brown sugar in the finish

Ethiopia Keramo Honey


This sublimely flavorful offering is the collective creation of smallholder farmers of Keramo, a remote village tucked away in the beautiful Bombe mountains of Ethiopia. These farmers are part of a member organization consisting of 667 producers based in various parts of the mountain range. Their coffee was organically grown, harvested by hand, and honey processed at the Abore washing station.


Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo
Grower: 667 smallholder farmers
Varietal: 74/158, 74/110, Setami
Processing: Honey
Altitude: 6,200-7,800 feet

We are thrilled to be working with Abore and the Keramo community because they are revolutionizing how we practice traceability (i.e., the ability for us to trace back where a coffee comes from and who made it possible) in the Ethiopian coffee industry. Asefa Dukamo, owner and founder of Abore washing station, has been instrumental in the shift towards increasingly transparent processing and trading practices. Although Abore services several different coffee growing communities, Asefa ensures that coffees are separated by community and processed under highly standardized procedures. The team at the washing station is led by Atkilt Dejene, a female agronomist who has an extensive background in sustainable coffee production and cultivation. Together, they guarantee a unique level of traceability which allows us to recognize producers directly for their good work and gives us the tools to determine a coffee was sourced sustainably and responsibly.

This offering found its way to us from our friends Michael and Emily at Catalyst Trade, whose ongoing project with Abore captures the spirit of how we source coffee at The Roasterie. They are dedicated to enhancing traceability of their offerings to the fullest extent possible by working with the same producers year after year and directly engaging with the coffees they source throughout every step in the supply chain. With exceptional attention to detail, they work collaboratively with producers to set specific quality goals and reward quality-based achievements throughout harvest and processing season via a multi-dimensional premium program.They ultimately incentivize best processing practices, thus securing exceptional quality coffees, all while providing producers with higher incomes by rewarding their diligence and investment.