• strong notes of blueberry with dried apricot undertones
  • smooth and velvety with a round finish
  • aromatics of fresh fruit

Ethiopia Natural

From the Banko Gotiti washing station in the legendary Yirgacheffe growing region of Ethiopia comes this hallmark Roasterie single origin offering. Our most uniquely delicious coffee, Ethiopia Natural is produced using the Natural processing method to dry and extract the seed (the bean) from the coffee cherry. This method allows the seed to Sun-dry while still remaining within the fruit of the coffee cherry; resulting in a wildy fruity flavor profile and explosive cup unlike any other processing method. With a velvety body and big notes of blueberry, apricot and jasmine florals before a smooth finish, this coffee is bound to give you an experience unlike any other.


Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Banko Gutiti
Elevation: 6,150 ft
Farm/Farmers: 650 smallholders
Varietals: Various Ethiopian heirloom varieties
Processing: Full natural and dried on raised beds

From the Banko Gotiti washing station in the Yirgacheffe growing region, this naturally processed Ethiopia perfectly highlights why Ethiopia is regarded by many as the center of the coffee world. Aside from being the birthplace of coffee and having one of the most hallowed coffee-drinking cultures on the planet, Ethiopia Natural has been a keystone offering in our single origin menu for more than a decade. Unique in its explosive fruit and floral flavors, this coffee is a mind melter for anyone who has yet to expand their coffee experience outside of the traditional mild flavored, medium- to dark-roasted coffees that have been made mainstream over the last couple of decades by the big coffee companies in the U.S. This is not your father’s coffee. Perfect for die hard coffee fanatics or anyone looking to experience coffee in a new way, you’ve got to give this one a try.