united states

  • notes of sweet citrus and peach
  • nutty and perfectly balanced
  • crisp and smooth in the finish

Kona Fancy

A classic, delicious and 100% pure Kona coffee, this nutty and balanced coffee with notes of sweet citrus and peach before a smooth finish will be delicious almost any way you try it – as a pour over, drip coffee, or French Press.


Origin: United States
Region: Kona
Elevation: 3,500 – 4,200 feet
Farm: Makapueo Farm
Grower: Kaipo Sheen
Varietal: Kona Typica
Processing: Fully washed and dried in the sun

Esteemed by many for the fond memories of drinking a warm cup of specialty coffee on the island, Kona coffee has been etched into American specialty coffee culture for many decades. With its mild character and nuttiness similar to some of our favorite Central American coffees, Kona coffee will take you back to the beaches – or mountains – of Hawaii with every sip. This offering comes from Makapueuo Farm in the Kona region of Hawaii, one of the highest quality producers in the entire state.