• notes of baking spice and chocolate
  • nutty with a medium body
  • pleasantly mild with aromatics of caramel and nuts

Mexico Primo Altura

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Nutty and mild with notes of baking spice and caramel, this offering from the Chiapas region in Mexico is a great signle origin for those looking for an approachable, super drinkable coffee, either black or with cream and sugar. It’s also one of our most common blend components, contributing to some of our most popular blends including our Nitro Cold Brew and Breakfast Blend.


Origin: Mexico
Region: Chiapas
Elevation: 3,200 – 4,500 feet
Grower: Small holder farmers
Varietals: Catimor, Typica, Bourbon, Mundo Novo
Processing: Fully washed

A community lot from the Angel Albino Corzo municipality in the Chiapas region of Mexico, this coffee is a perfect example of the value that community has in the prouction of many coffees. Contributed to by 18 different producers, most of which only produce a handful of bags of coffee each year, this coffee is perfect either as a single origin or as a component in the many blends it’s used in. Consistency from this commuity of producers is paramount, as the slightest variance in farming, harvesting or processing practices could completely alter the flavor profile of the coffee we receive.