• crisp with a bright acidity
  • deeply complex with notes of ripe berry
  • sweet with a clean, lasting finish

Mocha Java

Popular in Europe in the 1700s, Mocha Java was the first blended coffee. It combined coffee beans from Yemen (Mocha coffee, named for the port it shipped from) with coffee beans from Java, then a Dutch colony and one of the earliest commercial coffee producing countries. The idea behind the Mocha Java blends was to create an interesting new product by combining coffees with very different but complementary profiles. In that same spirit, we’ve created our own version of a Mocha Java blend. Though we use a different combination of beans, The Roasterie’s Mocha Java is our interpretation of that original mix of disparate yet complementary flavor profiles of the world’s earliest blended coffees.


Explore the blend components:

Ethiopia West Arsi