• full bodied, sweet and creamy
  • notes of milk chocolate and orange blossom
  • balanced with a graham cracker finish

Panama Baru Hortigal

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A perfect morning sipper, this sweet and creamy stunner with notes of milk chocolate and orange blossom before a graham cracker finish will have you savoring every sip.


Origin: Panama
Region: Los Naranjos, Boquete
Elevation: 4,500-4,900 feet
Grower: Nadeía Guerra Suárez
Varietals: Typica
Processing: Washed

Panama Baru Hortigal is produced by Nadeía Guerra Suárez on the beautiful Hortigal Estate in the Horqueta, Los Naranjos region of Boquete in Panama. The farm has many varieties of native shade trees including species known as cenizo, guabo and palomo. They are also very cautious of their environmental impact and produce as much organic compost as possible with the waste that comes from the coffee milling process. The Suarez family are fourth generation farmers and collectively manage four different farms in the region. Hortigal Estate, which is completely women-owned and operated, is owned and farmed by Eira. Her brother, Norberto, is the Director and General Manager at the family’s common processing mill, Beneficios de Cafe de Boquete. The mill was built and originally operated by Eira and Norberto’s grandfather, Vidal, in 1989. Today, the mill is recognized for producing some of the most beatiful coffees from Panama each year which they achieve by following meticulous controls and standards throughout all of their processes. We are so excited to bring in the Suarez family’s coffee and to allow Kansas City to experience one of the absolute best coffees of Panama!