brazil | costa rica

  • notes of chocolate, almond and hazelnuts
  • medium body
  • sparkling citrus acidity

Social Heart Blend

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10% of the proceeds of this coffee go to SocialHeart.

In 2010 a group of young professionals were looking for a way to be involved in organizations while making a great impact in Greater Kansas City. After two years of event planning, volunteering and building awareness for multiple organizations in the community the group founded themselves as SocialHeart. The purpose of SocialHeart is to build the community through support of all local charities. In the two short years of event planning and volunteering, this group has raised over $40k and would love to bring you on the team or support your organization in its fundraising efforts. Socialheart does not charge member dues or organizations for their efforts.


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Brazil Fazenda Lagoa
Costa Rica Don Quijote