• juicy, round and full bodied
  • notes of strawberry and rhubarb
  • balanced with a brown sugar finish

Thailand Mae Mon


Naturally processed in the Mae Mon village in the Chiang Rai region of Thailand, this incredibly rare and special coffee offers a pleasantly clean and complex cup. Specialty coffees like this one aren’t easily found in Thailand, so don’t miss your chance to try this offering before it’s gone!


Origin: Thailand
Region: Chiang Rai
Village: Mae Mon
Elevation: 4,600 feet
Grower: Smallholder farmers
Varietals: Catimor, Bourbon
Processing: Natural

The exporter of this coffee works closely and has teamed up with the Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP), an organization in Thailand which helps provide the tribe villagers of Mae Mon with clean water and actively works toward ending poverty for the hill villagers. ITDP’s coffee roots go all the way back to 1961, and in 1990 they created a cooperative to help the villagers produce higher quality coffees. By providing training, planting new coffee varietals that thrive in their specific region, and introducing new processing equipment, the lives of the coffee farmers have been drastically improved. Presently there are over 400 farms in 40 villages that participate in the cooperative, all of which is 100% farmer owned.