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Back in the Swing Blend

balanced, bright and nutty

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Back in the Swing Blend

Type : blend | cause-blend

Roast : light


10% of the proceeds of this coffee go to the Back in the Swing organization.

Back in the Swing is the first and only national non-profit organization providing grassroots awareness, education and fundraising on behalf of the more than two and a half million breast cancer survivors in the United States to empower them to get back in the swing of life physically, emotionally and spiritually through innovative fund-raising events, inspiring survivorship programs, and clinical research in an academic medical setting.

Founded in 2000, Back in the Swing focuses exclusively on the survivor — the person — in partnership with fun-loving, passionate supporters of breast cancer survivors across the country. Unlike other organizations that focus on breast cancer — the disease — Back in the Swing champions the survivor and his or her unique zest for getting back in the swing of life!

Tasting Notes

Beautifully bright acidity; slight hints of sweet lemons and orange zest; syrup-like body; long lasting nutty and spicy finish; hints of clove and nutmeg.