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Beta Sigma Phi Blend

creamy, rich and smooth

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Beta Sigma Phi Blend

Type : blend | cause-blend

Roast : medium


10% of the proceeds of this coffee go to The Betty Center Memorial Disaster Relief Fund.

The Disaster Relief Fund officially started in 1992, after hurricanes Andrew and Iniki. Sisters raised and distributed more than $180,000 within a few months. The Fund was formally anounced on page 29 of the October 1992 issue of The Torch. Although the fund was not officially in place until that time, Beta Sigma Phis have always helped those hit by disasters. When you purchase this blend, a percentage of the profits will go to supporting the Disaster Relief Fund and will help Beta Sigma Phi continue to make a difference around the World.

Tasting Notes

Notes of almond, malt and milk chocolate; rich and smooth; creamy, lingering aftertaste.