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Ethiopia Bekele Belacho

black tea, cocoa, cooked peach and dried blueberry

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The Roasterie Ethiopia Bekele Belacho Reserve Coffee 12oz.

Ethiopia Bekele Belacho

Type : reserve

Roast : light


Our latest Roasterie Reserve comes to us from Bekele Belacho, known as one of the strongest coffee farmers in the micro-region of Segera (part of Sidama's larger Bensa region). We take great pride and care in how we roast this delicate, fruit-forward coffee. Some may think we simply roast it “light,” as if roasting is a lateral line of color. It is far more nuanced and complicated than that. We slowly adjust how we add heat to the coffee to get it roasted well enough to easily extract but stay away from the ashy flavors than can replace some of these “tastes of place” instilled in the coffee by Bekele. In other words, we work hard to let all of Mr. Belacho’s hard work shine brightly.


Tasting Notes

Rich and complex with strong flavors of dried blueberry, cooked peach, cocoa, and black tea.