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The Rispal Blend

apple cider, dried maple leaves, fresh pipe tobacco and vanilla

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The Rispal Blend

Type : blend

Roast : medium


The Rispal Blend is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Restaurant Rispal at Asnières, a masterpiece that captures the artist’s evolution, understanding, and application of pure, brilliant color. When brewed, this coffee blend combines punchy acidity with earthy undertones, evoking a fresh autumn feeling.

We’re excited to introduce this blend in a limited-edition series crafted in partnership with three KC favorites, The Roasterie, The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and Andre’s Chocolates. We’ve partnered with these great local businesses to create three custom blends and chocolate pairings, all pulling inspiration from well-known artists and paintings.

Tasting Notes

Dried maple leaves, apple cider and gentle aromas of vanilla and fresh pipe tobacco.