Pumpkin Spice Coffee Alternatives from The Roasterie

The air begins to cool, leaves are crisp under foot, and the sound of cider mills cranking off into the distance; brace yourselves, the time for pumpkin reckoning is upon us. Fall is here and with it comes pumpkin; lots and lots of pumpkin.

In order to help you pace yourself and avoid pumpkin induced palette fatigue we’ve come up with some pumpkin spice coffee  alternatives that give you that fall feeling without the fatigue.

Autumn Harvest Blend

Legend has it that at one time autumn was associated with more flavors beyond pumpkin. It was off of these ancient scrolls that we crafted our Autumn Harvest Blend. Okay, there weren’t really any scrolls. But one sip of the Autumn Harvest Blend and you’ll realize we didn’t need no sticking scrolls. With a spicy, slightly sweet full body and added flavors of nutmeg and ginger the Autumn Harvest Blend is the perfect companion to the early morning hay ride.

American Restaurant Blend

As I’m sure you are well aware The Roasterie Gang loves to collaborate with other great people in Kansas City. One of our earliest collaborations was with the American Restaurant; a relationship that’s still going strong today. A French roast coffee with sweet mesquite smoky finish and apple cinnamon after tones, it’s as warming as a bonfire on a crisp autumn night.

Hibiscus Ginger Orange Tea

Let’s get hypothetical for a moment, say you are in the mood for walking around and admiring the beautiful autumn foliage of Loose park. But it’s late in the day and you’re just not in the mood for coffee, but you want something warm. Then say hello to The Roasterie’s Hibiscus Ginger Orange Tea. Complex and vibrant in fragrance yet mellow enough not to over shadow the delicate hibiscus notes. Citrus flavors accompanied by visually stunning foliage painted in vibrant shades of orange make for the perfect sensory blend.

The Roasterie crew is crazy about autumn; it’s the season of rewards. Most notable the sensory rewards nature gives to us. Yes, one of the rewards nature gives to us is pumpkin, but be a gracious recipient and honor all the rewards of the season. Avoid palette fatigue by giving yourself a break and enjoying the harvest.

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