Q&A with Brookside Roasterie Barista Ashley Boeshart

As many of our fans know, The Roasterie is so much more than a producer of great coffee. We are also a member of the Kansas City community and pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and a passion for excellence. That’s why we make sure to hire fellow Kansas Citians who share a love for coffee and the surrounding community.

An excellent example of this can be found in Ashley Boeshart, one of our top baristas at The Roasterie Brookside café. We wanted to find out more about what makes Ashley tick and this is what we discovered: 

What do you love most about being a Roasterie barista?  

What’s most important to me besides good coffee is the customers. This community has become a part of my heart. They come together for each other, love one another. It’s an incredibly unique community. Getting up at 4am can be a challenge, but I know I’m going to see those people, so of course I’m going to get up. (And the beauty of working in coffee is if I’m tired, I can drink coffee!)

How much would you say you love coffee?

I love coffee! I can remember sitting with my mom on the back deck drinking coffee before school. It doesn’t just keep me awake, but it’s nostalgic. 

I never skipped school, but the times I did were to get coffee!

Do you remember your first cup of coffee?

Oh yeah. I was in sixth grade and I begged my mom for coffee. She was like, “Why? It’s not juice, Ashley!” But it smelled so good! [My first cup] was all creamer with a little coffee…and it was the best!

What do you think makes The Roasterie coffee different from other coffee?

I like that we air-roast our coffee. Coffee beans can be so sensitive to temperature. Unless you really know what you’re doing, you can drastically change the taste. [Air-roasting] brings out the best that the beans can offer, in terms of flavor. We pay extra attention to detail.

Have you ever participated in a barista competition?

I’ll be going to a barista competition at the end of October in Minneapolis. It’s the BCRBC, or Big Central Regional Barista Competition. I’m not necessarily competing, but I’m going to visit family and support Roasterie competitors.

Did you go through any special training to become a barista?

Having come into The Roasterie with three years of coffee experience, I just had to adjust with the way The Roasterie does coffee. The Roasterie gives us one-on-one training. I had worked for Caribou Coffee, and they just tell you this is how you do it and not the why. But The Roasterie gives you the why. It’s so much more in-depth, so much more information that’s necessary. We are coffee professionals. We’re not working a job because it’s cool, but because we love coffee. 

Coffee is about connection [for us]. It’s coming together around a cup of coffee.

What is your favorite technique for making coffee?

I am typically an espresso drinker, but I love making pour-overs. I have the ability as a barista to manage the variables to make a great cup of coffee. And it’s really fun to share it with our customers on what it is they’re purchasing and why it’s so unique.

What’s your favorite Roasterie coffee?

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It was one of the first coffees I had on my first day. We have so many great coffees, but that’s what I purchase. 

We also have our own line of tea and my favorite is Wild Berry. We are having a promotion soon with Wild Berry tea and Shatto lemonade. We’ve already tried it and it’s really good!

What do you think are some of the misconceptions about being a barista?

Some people think that you’re just some young kid [who’s] making coffee. This is a professional field. We are very knowledgeable and educated about it. We are really intelligent people that are really passionate about coffee. 

Do you have a passion for coffee and customer service too? Join the Roasterie team!