Q&A with Roasterie Café Barista Nate Townes

Hey Prairie Village and Leawood neighbors! Grocery shopping just got a million times better thanks to the new Roasterie coffeeshop inside of the Corinth Square Hen House!  Not only has the store undergone a complete makeover, but it is now equipped with delicious Roasterie coffee and tea.

Piloting the new coffeeshop is lead barista Nate Townes.  We always want our customers to walk in and be greeted by a friend. Get to know a little about your newest friend Nate with this Q&A:

1.  What is it like to be a Roasterie barista?

It is informative, prideful and quite fun to be a Roasterie barista!

2.  Why did you become a Roasterie barista?

I have always enjoyed coffee and Roasterie coffee at that. When the opportunity came along, I thought, why would I not want to be a Roasterie barista?

3.  What it is that makes Roasterie coffee so special?

The harvesting, the amount of time that is put into each blend, the process in which it is roasted and the people who serve our coffee make it special.

4.  Of all the different products the Roasterie sells, what is your favorite?

My favorite Roasterie product would most definitely be the 20oz Iced Mocha. I can’t get enough of it!!!

5.  If you had to drink one blend for the rest of your life what would it be?

I would choose Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as my blend of choice.

6.  What does it take to be a great barista?

Being an outgoing, alert and knowledgeable individual are qualities of a great barista.

7.  What’s the most surprising thing a barista may run into on the job?

Not paying attention to the steam wand after you use it is pretty surprising…especially if you burn yourself!

8.  What do you enjoy the most about the new Roasterie location?

Being in between the Leawood and Brookside locations is pretty nice personally. I’m not that far from Brookside, but this area is less congested.

9.  Are there any special or unique challenges you’ve encountered because the cafe is located in a grocery store?

Letting people know we are here was (and still is) a unique challenge. The store is not that busy early in the morning, so we would like to be the reason to come shop early. We look forward with a bright future in mind.

The brand new Roasterie coffeeshop located in Hen House in Corinth Square provides us with an opportunity to satisfy our customers in a whole new light. We feel that this café has huge potential to be a game changer, especially when it comes to early morning grocery shopping. Don’t forget to say hey to Nate and the rest of the flight crew–be sure to tell them The Pilot’s Blog sent you!

Want to join the ranks as a Roasterie barista? Apply Here!