Roasterie 20-year Customer Spotlight: Eden Alley

Coffee and meat have been a powerhouse combination for years and years.  Just take a look at our Super Tuscan Coffee Barbeque Sauce or our coffee-flavored rubs.  Both of these products are absolutely delicious when paired with steak, hamburgers or ribs.

But what about coffee and vegetarian food?  Coffee and vegan food?  Coffee and gluten-free or soy-free food?  Is that a culinary match made in heaven?

According to Chef Sandi Corder-Clootz of Eden Alley Vegetarian Café, absolutely.

As a matter of fact, Eden Alley doesn’t know business without The Roasterie coffee.  The restaurant opened 20 years ago and has been serving up our coffee ever since.  The café that was once an 8-table venue now boasts 32 tables plus a patio and some of the most delicious vegetarian cuisine in the Kansas City area.

“Twenty years ago we got a call from Danny and immediately noticed his personality,” explains Chef Sandi Corder-Clootz.  “He was so excited about coffee.  Then, when we tasted it, we noticed the coffee’s amazing flavor and knew we had to make our own blend.”

Eden Alley’s early-on coffee hit was the Ethiopian blend, but the restaurant recently switched to the Guatemalan Fair Trade Organic blend as well as the Blue Sky Mexican Fair Trade Organic Decaf.  Chef Sandi was particularly surprised by the rich, bold and delicious taste of Blue Sky, even as a decaf blend.

In addition to providing Roasterie coffee to its patrons, Chef Sandi also serves up a delicious strawberry lavender Kombucha tea using our iced tea.  Kombucha is an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea that uses a type of mushroom as well as sugar to make a healthy, probiotic iced tea.

“I’ve never tastes a Kombucha tea as good as the one I make with Roasterie iced tea,” says Sandi.

In addition to providing Roasterie beverages, Eden Alley utilizes coffee in many of its desserts as well as in a special “chocolate coffee” (made with chocolate milk and the Guatemalan blend).

“We appreciate the progressiveness of The Roasterie,” says Corder-Clootz.  “The fact that the company uses fair trade coffee and travels around the world to find the best beans are just two of the reasons we stick with them.  The way The Roasterie conducts business is exactly what we like to support in the local community.”

A huge thanks to Eden Alley Vegetarian Café for being fantastic customers to The Roasterie!  It’s because of our first customers that we are experiencing the successes that we are today.  We wouldn’t be where we are without you, Eden Alley!