Roasterie 20-Year Customer Spotlight: Missouri Bank

When it comes to supporting its customers, Missouri Bank does it right.  From the bank’s furniture to its office supplies to its beer, Missouri Bank makes sure that nearly everything they use comes from a local customer.  And there is no exception when it comes to coffee.

As a matter of fact, Grant Burcham, the President and CEO of Missouri Bank, has been purchasing local Roasterie coffee for as long as the roaster has been around (20 years).  Twenty years ago, Adam Jones (Ripple Glass) and John McDonald (Boulevard Brewery) referred Burcham to The Roasterie for its coffee needs.  It wasn’t long before Missouri Bank was purchasing Roasterie coffee and helping the company move into its Cherry St. location with a new, large roaster.

“It’s in our genealogy to find customers who we work with,” says Burcham. “We firmly believe we should do business with our customers.  It just makes sense for us and we know that other banks can’t do that.”

But that doesn’t mean that Missouri Bank buys just any product from their customers.  The product certainly has to stand out from the rest.

“The product comes first,” explains Burcham.  “If the product was bad, but they were our customer, we wouldn’t use it.  But the Roasterie’s product is great.  Danny puts a face and a brand with a product that is so much more than just taste.  The Roasterie is all about community building, hard work and a great product.”

In addition to providing Missouri Bank with coffee (Bean Baron Danny O’Neill helped MoBank develop its own blend back in the day!), The Roasterie helps the local bank determine the best office coffee equipment to use and ships it all to the appropriate location.

Unfortunately for MoBank, the company didn’t always have Roasterie coffee to fuel its customers and employees.  That’s because MoBank originated all the way back in the 1890s.  The bank has worked hard to differentiate itself from others by working heavily with local entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Once the bank found its niche, it grew very quickly.

“Both Missouri Bank and The Roasterie are growing businesses and facing the same challenges,” says Burcham.  “Our relationship is one of peers.  Small Kansas City businesses like ours need to stick together.  It’s been fun to watch The Roasterie grow…and I have a feeling there’s more to come.”

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