Roasterie Coffee Spotlight: Costa Rica

For this edition of our coffee spotlight, we travel to the country that started it all for The Roasterie. As the story goes, on November 22, 1978, a high school senior studying in Costa Rica picked his first batch of coffee beans. Diehard Roasterie fans already know that the high school senior we speak of is Bean Baron Danny O’Neill, and the rest of that adventurous story is what makes up The Roasterie’s history.

A Coffee Economy

Just as much as Costa Rican coffee is a part of The Roasterie’s history, it is also a vital part of the country’s history. Harvesting coffee began in the late 1790 and since then has played an essential role in funding and developing the country’s growth and infrastructure. Costa Ricans take their coffee so seriously that the government mandates that the only species of coffee allowed to be grown is Arabica.

Costa Rica Climate

When it comes to Costa Rican varietals, there is a large variety to choose from (as a matter of fact, we offer 7 different Costa Rican varietals year round, our most diverse coffee origin at The Roasterie).  Costa Rica produces a variety of coffees from different regions, each with its own subtle differences thanks to the country’s unique microclimates and varying soil compositions.

The Micro-mill Movement

An interesting thing is happening currently in Costa Rica; farmers who in the past harvested their own crop, then had it processed at a coffee mill are now taking matters into their own mills. The micro-mill movement, as it is being called, has farmers processing their own coffee right on their farms in a micro-demucilager. Normal coffee washing consists of washing coffee beans for about 12 hours; a demucilager, however, is much faster and greener (it takes about 20 minutes to wash the beans and 200% less water).

The micro-mill movement continues to attract more and more farmers because of Costa Rica’s desire to conserve and protect the land that has given them so much. Expected to be the first with a carbon-neutral footprint, Costa Rica generates almost all of its energy from renewable resources.

We Love You, Costa Rica!

We love Costa Rica not only for its balanced coffee, but for its fertile landscape and undeniable beauty. As Stormin’ Norman puts it, “if Danny had been an exchange student in Canada, we probably wouldn’t be in the coffee business”.

We love Costa Rica a whole lot; simply talking about its beauty doesn’t do it justice. That’s why for our 20th Anniversary, we’re taking one lucky winner from The Roasterie Adventure photo contest to Costa Rica so they can experience how great our annual bean hunting trips are firsthand!  We can’t wait to go back to Costa Rica.

Can’t make the trip? Try the best of what the Costa Rica has to offer here.