Roasterie Coffee Spotlight: Guatemala Beans

It wasn’t too long ago that our Bean Hunter, Paul Massard, returned from The Cup of Excellence 2013 in Guatemala.  We absolutely love our coffee farmers and our beans from Guatemala.  Why?  Because Guatemalan coffee has a personality all its own.

The Guatemalan Coffee Regions

Guatemala started with 4 main coffee regions.  Each region grew a different type of bean with its own flavor.  Today, due to strategic marketing purposes, Guatemala boasts hundreds of different beans from a variety of different regions.  In fact, every single valley in Guatemala has its own name for their beans, making each blend just as unique and exciting as the next.

Here at The Roasterie, we get all of our Guatemalan coffee from Huehuetenango (say that 10 times fast!).  Its mountains, the Cuchumatanes, are the highest in Central America, with peaks approaching 12,000 feet.

The Guatemalan Coffee Culture

The coffee culture in Guatemala is unlike any other in the world.  Today, the country’s coffee is so highly sought after that Guatemalan coffee growers are among the most prosperous in the world.  As Paul attended the Cup of Excellence in Guatemala earlier this year, he saw a rather large disparity between the rich and the poor in Guatemala.  It was the coffee farmers, however, that drove the Mercedes Benz vehicles to the Cup of Excellence.

Our Delicious Guatemalan Coffee

We offer two different types of Guatemalan coffee: Guatemala Huixoc and Guatemalan Fair Trade Organic.

Guatemala Huixoc is a warm, fruity, complex and spicy coffee with rich toasted pecan/cashew nuttiness.  The coffee has cherry and chocolate flavors that play into a light blueberry finish.  Huixoc is located the heart of Guatemala’s most famous growing region, Huehuetenango. The farm, as the region, is blessed with a unique wet and warm microclimate that gives this coffee the highest standard of quality.

Guatemalan Fair Trade Organic coffee has a rich, floral aroma and a slightly sweet flavor.  This 100% fair trade organic Guatemalan is an artisan coffee grown on small farms under native shade trees in the Quiche region.  The best part about these beans is that they are completely hand-picked, hand-sorted and sun dried.