Roasterie Coffee Spotlight: India Beans

If there is one type of coffee bean that truly stands out from the rest, coffee from India.  Beans that come from the country of India do not taste (or even resemble) any other coffee bean on the market today.  Why?  Because an Indian coffee bean is “monsooned malabar”.

What is a monsooned malabar bean and what makes it so special?  Allow us to explain.

Monsooned malabar coffee beans, such as Indian beans, are allowed to “sweat” for up to two years in special outdoor warehouses, usually located in Mangalore (along the Malabar Coast of India).  The coffee beans are exposed to moist sea air and heavy monsoon rains for anywhere from a few months to a few years before being dumped onto a covered patio to be raked and turned throughout the rainy season.  This strange coffee process creates a taste for only the most avid coffee enthusiasts.

With so much “nature” being absorbed a coffee bean, it can’t taste good, can it?  As a matter of fact, yes!  The flavor of the swollen coffee from India gives off heavy oak, cedar and leather tones that the people of Europe thoroughly enjoy.

The Roasterie’s Indian Monsooned Malabar coffee gives off a very mild body and acidity to help draw out surprisingly playful grapefruit notes underneath the oak, cedar and leather tones.  In addition, we provide an Indian Monsooned Malabar-Roast at Home bean packaged for your own home-brewing needs.  Finally, we found one last way to utilize the unique Indian coffees.  You will find a very small amount of our Indian Monsooned Malabar beans in our Gotham Espresso.

Are you brave enough to try the Indian Monsooned Malabar?  Buy some here!