The Roasterie Founder Danny O’Neill’s Top 4 Coffee Predictions for 2014

Danny O'Neill holding a cup of espresso

Twenty years ago most people dismissed the idea of air-roasting coffee, but The Roasterie wanted the best coffee in the world so we did it anyway. Now The Roasterie is producing the world’s best coffee and is often cited as a pioneer in the coffee industry. All we know is coffee is our life and being a part of the coffee industry is an exciting place to be. As we head into 2014, we can’t help but wonder what the future holds for The Roasterie and the rest of the coffee world. To get a preview of what’s to come, we sat down with Roasterie Founder, Danny O’Neill to see what he thinks the future holds for coffee in 2014:

More handmade, handcrafted, specialty and artisan products

This trend manifests in our brew bars, where special, handcrafted coffee is created for each individual’s cup. This especially resonates with those customers with the passion, taste and commitment to wait for a crafted cup of coffee made just for them.

 Our busy lives means quicker coffee

There are more and more people living crazy, frenzied lifestyles these days. We have technologies that enable us to crunch more into smaller pockets of time. For coffee, this manifests in drive-thrus and single serve coffee cups. Many of us would just rather get it to go and with the push of a button so we can fit more into our busy schedules.

 Coffee increasingly helps us connect with others

More people are also looking for more purpose and significance in every facet of their lives. We’re not doing things blindly like we may have in the past. Instead we’re seeking more meaning in our every day interactions. Coffee is a great vehicle for that. It’s a great glue between people and helps forge bonds between individuals for greater collaborations. I’ve been seeing more purposeful relationships happening at The Roasterie, and even on front porches. A special relationship forms when people share food and drink, and coffee is a great merging of the two.

In 2014 we’ll see a higher demand for quality coffee

Another trend on the macro-level is the pursuit of quality. There’s a chunk of society that is saying, “I’m only going to have one cup of coffee today, but I’m going to make it a good one.” Instead of sacrificing quality to save a nickel, more of us are going to choose to save that nickel elsewhere.

What do coffee trends do you hope will continue in 2014? Tweet us your predictions @TheRoasterie or leave a comment below to share your thoughts.