Roasting Up Our Brand New Site!

You may have noticed some pretty big changes on our site the past week or so.  That’s because we have completely remodeled, redesigned and reroasted our website into a new, interactive space just for our coffee lovers!

Indulge yourself in our new, coffee-inspired site where we’ve brewed up some new, interactive tools for you to use when you’re browsing The Roasterie:

A New Look:

We’ve given our website a total facelift!  Now, coffee lovers everywhere can explore our site with ease—from learning about all of our coffee blends to shopping merchandise, from learning about our cafés to skimming through our blog.  Plus, our website now features Roasterie announcements including new, limited time blends.

The Bean Navigator:

Not quite sure what the right coffee is for you?  Let us help you find your perfect blend!  The Roasterie’s Bean Navigator will take you through all of our coffee selections to help match your taste and preferences, explore the different components of coffee flavor profiles and learn exactly where your favorite coffee blend comes from.  Try our Bean Navigator now, you coffee connoisseur!

The Bean Hangar:

The newest addition to our fully-redesigned website is our event space page!  That’s right—The Roasterie now boasts its own, awesome event space called the Bean Hangar!  Anybody can utilize the Bean Hangar for upcoming events that need an industrial-chic vibe.  Learn more and check out The Bean Hangar today and get the party started!

Welcome to adventure.  Welcome to the new face of The Roasterie!