Special Feature: India Temple Mountain

At the Roasterie we take great pride in buying, roasting, and selling the best beans the world has to offer. We also take a great pride in bringing extra special coffees to Kansas City and getting as many people to try them as possible. One of our newest offerings, the India Temple Mountain, is one such coffee.

Not long ago people in the specialty coffee world would think we are crazy for not only buying coffee from India… but referring to it as “extra special.” For many, many years India was just not producing specialty grade coffee due to a lack of knowledge around how to craft the product. Coffee plants can be very fickle and need just the right conditions to flourish and produce good coffee. Elevation, soil, and sunlight are all factors in what can make or break a coffee crop. It took a while but farmers in India have learned from the mistakes of their ancestors and are finally producing some truly exceptional crops.

While our very own ‘Bean Baron’, Danny O’Neill, was traveling this last year he had a chance to cup our India Temple Mountain and was immediately blown away by the bright, clean, and exciting cup. He knew he had to get this coffee to Kansas City no matter what it took; in this case it took buying the whole crop of the coffee. Now, you may be thinking this means we will have this coffee for a while… but you would be mistaken. We have moved through half our inventory in less than a month and a half and it looks like demand is only going to grow. I would recommend buying a bag (or five) now and giving them away as presents, birthday presents, or just to treat yourself. We nitrogen flush each bag which ensure peak freshness for 6 months.  Coffee crops can very year to year and you may not get a chance to try this coffee ever again.

The other thing Danny brought back with him was a ton of great photos. Check out the India Travel Photo Gallery to get an idea of the adventures that took place!