Spring Has Sprung (And Your Garden Needs Coffee Chaff!)

Kansas City, the season we’ve been waiting for is finally here.  After a few major blizzards and unbearable freezing temperatures from November until March, it is finally beginning to warm up in our beloved city…and we at The Roasterie could not be more thrilled.

Now that the sun is setting a little later and the weather is warming up a little more every day, it’s time to start planting gorgeous spring flowers and tending to our local and neighborhood gardens.  Believe it or not, one of the best ways to prepare your garden this spring is by sprinkling your landscaping dirt or mulch with coffee chaff!

Coffee bean chaff is a waste product of the roasting process of coffee beans.  Chaff is made up of green pieces of skin or “hull” that come off in different ways during the roasting process.  For many coffee companies, chaff is an annoyance to deal with.  But remember—one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!  Gardeners love mixing coffee bean chaff in with their soil, dirt or compost before gardening because:

  • Coffee chaff wards off harmful slugs and snails
  • Coffee chaff adds helpful nutrients, like nitrogen
  • Coffee chaff speeds up the growth of vegetables (especially tomatoes!)

Looking to get your hands on some coffee chaff to have the best garden in the neighborhood?  Lucky for you, The Roasterie is giving away free coffee chaff to mix in with your dirt or compost all spring long!  Simply stop by our Roasterie plant (27th & Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City) to pick up a free bag…or 10.  We have plenty to give away (and we promise you will have a garden worth bragging about!).