Stay Cool In The KC Summer Heat With Cold-Brewed Coffee

Here at The Roasterie, iced coffee is an essential summer beverage. It’s cold, sweet, smooth, and so refreshing. There are a few things about cold-brew that are worthy to note. Cold-brewed coffee has a lower acidity level. The grounds never come into contact with the heat of the water; this extraction method results in a slightly different flavor profile compared to hot brews.  When hot coffee is poured over ice, it creates a slightly bitter taste and can become diluted.  When cold-brewed coffee is poured over ice, it creates a slightly sweeter and smoother taste.

Here is how to make the perfect cold-brew concentrate at home:

Toddy Home Brewer


First, Insert the stopper into the bottom of the Toddy brewing container then dampen the filter and place it inside of the brewing container. Next, add your coffee grounds and pour water over grounds in a circular motion.  We recommend using one pound of fresh grounds with 1.2 qts (38.4oz) of cold, filtered water. Make sure all grounds are saturated. DO NOT STIR (it can cause a clogged filter).


Steep your coffee for 12 hours to create a smooth rich flavor.  Remove the stopper and let your coffee concentrate flow into the glass decanter.  It can stay fresh up to two days.

If you don’t have a cold-brew coffee maker, a French press is a perfect substitute – it has a built-in strainer! Pour water over freshly ground coffee and let steep for at least 12 hours – but don’t push the plunger until you are ready to filter!


Make your coffee as strong or as weak as you prefer. For a rich smoother coffee pour concentrate and water or milk over ice.  For a bolder cup of Toddy add hot coffee to the concentrate.

Benefits of Toddy coffee:

60% less acidity-

Many coffee lovers find regular brewed coffee to be too acidic. Cold-brewing coffee beans produce coffees that are naturally low in acid.

Much more flavor-

Since it has a lower acidity, it has a smoother taste.  You can taste the hidden undertones of chocolate, fruit, and nuts in every sip.

 No waste-

You can make one cup of coffee at a time and at the strength you prefer, simply by adding boiling hot water, cold water, or milk.

Here at The Roasterie we recommend any of our Indonesian offerings and any naturally processed coffees for the Toddy brews.