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Our Sustainable Coffee Practices

We firmly believe that specialty coffee has the potential to flourish in healthy environments and support communities in sustainable ways. To foster a bright future for specialty coffee, The Roasterie is dedicated to continuously pursuing the economic, social, and environmental dynamics of sustainability in order to protect local and global communities and build a more resilient supply chain for sustainable coffee.
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Green Coffee Sustainability

The Roasterie’s mission to source the finest coffees in the world in order to create extraordinary coffee experiences is only possible if all the links in this global, interconnected supply chain are supported in sustainable ways. We recognize that sustainability has a broad scope in the world of specialty coffee; its future is rooted in environmental concerns, like water conservation and soil quality, but also in social and financial dynamics that ensure every actor in the industry is supported and coffee production is viable for decades to come. We operate under an ethos of respect for growers and their good work in making systems as sustainable as possible, in the most holistic sense of the word. In order to verify that our coffee buying practices support our mission, we have developed a coherent set of values that inform our purchase of every single coffee, every single time.

The Roasterie is committed to maintaining a culture of sustainable coffee practices.

Exceptional quality: We commit to sourcing and selecting coffee of the highest quality from around the world. We only purchase coffees that score 85 or higher without primary defects or secondary equivalents per SCA standards.
Fair compensation: We are committed to paying well above Fair Trade minimum prices—regardless of if coffees are Fair Trade certified—to ensure farmers are being paid a living wage and to invest in the future of coffee. We acknowledge exceptional quality and sustainability of coffee production by paying higher prices and work with our supply chain partners to ensure equitable distribution of profits.
Relationship building: We aim to cultivate long-lasting partnerships in the supply chain by making communication, transparency, and traceability central tenets in our buying philosophy. We make it a point to visit the places and people we buy coffee from in order to strengthen our relationships, as well as purchase coffees from the same growers year after year as much as possible. These partnerships enable us to collaborate with growers and other supply chain partners to improve coffee quality, address social concerns, and promote environmentally sustainable practices. Treating coffee buying as an exercise in relationship building ensures shared trust between The Roasterie and our supply chain partners, and improves the strength and resiliency of our entire supply chain.
Environmental sustainability: We are strongly committed to supporting coffee producers who innovate ways to mitigate their environmental impact and adopt sustainable agricultural practices, such as incorporating agroforestry techniques and strengthening the biodiversity of coffee-growing operations. We go beyond organic certification and carefully research agricultural practices of the coffees we purchase.
Community development: We strive to use coffee purchasing as a vehicle to empower coffee-growing communities. We financially support social development projects as evidenced by our work in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Colombia building preschools, community centers, and facilitating technological development. We collaborate with our supply chain partners to determine how our purchase of green coffee contributes to overarching goals within producing communities.
Shared values: We commit to only partner with green coffee suppliers that share our ethical code. We expect our partners to value and exercise honesty, accountability, and collaboration in their work. Our suppliers must maintain their integrity in their relationships with stakeholders by balancing customer service with protecting the interests of producers. By operating under a shared code of conduct, we may collectively demonstrate reverence, love, and enthusiasm for what we do.
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