Take A Break from the Office…Work From a Café!


It’s February. The holidays are over and not many of us will be getting a day off of work for quite some time. With the monotony of day-to-day work life, things can get very boring. The same cubicle. The same coworker’s voice buzzing in your ear. The same phones ringing. The same microwavable lunch and stale coffee.

Maybe it’s time to step away from the office and into an environment that’s a little more stimulating (in more ways than one!).

There is a reason why people work in coffee shops. It’s not to look cool, that’s just an added benefit. When you work in an office it is easy to get into a funk. A change of scenery can be that spark to reignite your creative process, no matter what your profession.

Fast Company recently published an article all about the benefits of working from a coffee shop…even when you have a perfectly fine office to work from. So why should you step out of the office and into a café like The Roasterie? Many reasons!

  • A change of environment stimulates creativity. Routine is the enemy of creativity. Change it up (even just for a day) by working from your favorite café.
  • Believe it or not, working from a coffee shop is less distracting! You are less likely to be interrupted in a coffee shop. Plus, being surrounded by others who are crunching to get things done will motivate you to do the same.
  • Working from a coffee shop also allows you to meet new people (but only if you want to). Plug in your headphones and you won’t be bothered. But socialize with others (even buy some coffee!) and you will be networking in no time.

Having a “favorite” coffee shop to work from is great, but if it gets to be too much of a routine it’s likely to become ineffective as well. Lucky for you, we have plenty of coffee shops to choose from!

Remember—working from a coffee shop every once and awhile can be extremely effective! So why not come join us sometime this week in one of our cafés? We promise to brew you up something delicious, provide you with the Wi-Fi you need and help you get over your procrastinating ways!