The 12 Coffees of Christmas

Is there anything better than a hot cup of Roasterie coffee on a cold winter day?  We didn’t think so!  Let’s face it—winter, and Christmastime in particular, is the best season to drink coffee.  Coffee can warm you up after a long day of outdoor light hanging or can be served as a dessert after your big ham feast.  However you take your coffee, it’s always the most delicious during Christmas.  So why not celebrate your holidays with the 12 coffees of Christmas?

Leading up to Christmas Day, we encourage you try a different Roasterie blend every single day!  Each coffee is sure to warm your heart and taste just as delicious as the next.  So starting on December 14th, give each one of these Christmas coffees a try (and end with a bang on December 25!).

DAY 1: December 14, 2012— Autumn Harvest Blend

Say goodbye to fall and hello to winter by enjoying your last cup of Autumn Harvest Blend on December 14th!  As the weather begins to get chillier and chillier, your Autumn Harvest beans may dwindle down further and further.  Finish up that bag of Autumn Harvest and try the next 11 blends this winter.

DAY 2: December 15, 2012— Christopher Elbow Chocolate Blend

On the second day of Christmas, Roasterie gives to you the Christopher Elbow Blend.  Instead of craving hot chocolate after a day of sledding, ice skating or snowball fights, you might start wanting the Christopher Elbow Chocolate Flavored Coffee instead.  This truly is the world’s greatest true dark chocolate coffee—and you’ve gotta try it!

DAY 3: December 16, 2012— American Restaurant Blend

On the third day of Christmas, Roasterie gives to you our American Restaurant Blend (it’s a popular one!).  This sweet and soothing blend, with hints of warm buttermilk and fruit, has a mild acidity and a mesquite smoky finish.  With apple cinnamon after-tones, it’s the perfect blend to kick off your holiday season.

DAY 4: December 17, 2012— 40 Sardines Blend

Forget four calling birds!  Go for 40 Sardines instead!  The 40 Sardines Blend is one of our most popular roasts.  With earthy and exotic aromas of dark ripe cherry and bittersweet cocoa, 40 Sardines will always be a top-seller and one of our favorite and most accessible blends.

DAY 5: December 18, 2012— Stormin’ Norman Blend

A winter storm is a’brewin!  It’s the perfect time to drink Stormin’ Norman Blend, the signature coffee blend named for The Roasterie’s beloved master roaster who developed it.  Look out!  This coffee has a slightly spicy finish, a heavier body and hints of sweet earth.

DAY 6: December 19, 2012— Full Vengeance Dark Blend

On the sixth day of Christmas, Roasterie gives you a dark blend—Full Vengeance!  Remember the charred, bitter coffee beans sold to you as a “dark roast”?  Take revenge by throwing those dry black beans in the trash and give your palate the exquisite dark roast it deserves!

DAY 7: December 20, 2012— Kansas City Blend

With only 5 days left until Christmas Day, it’s time to finish wrapping the presents!  Make sure you include the Kansas City Blend on your list of gifts this holiday season—it’s the perfect present for out-of-town loved ones.  Give them a real taste of Kansas City!

DAY 8: December 21, 2012— Costa Rican Geisha La Pira Washed

December 21st is the perfect day to splurge—after all, it’s the supposed End of the World!  So why not go all-out during your “last day on Earth” and enjoy The Roasterie’s finest blend of all—Costa Rica Geisha La Pira Washed coffee. 

DAY 9: December 22, 2012— Back in the Swing Blend

When you wake up on December 22 and realize that it was not the end of the world, get back in the swing with The Roasterie’s Back in the Swing Blend!  With a bright acidity complemented by hints of sweet lemons and orange zest, this blend will truly wake you up and prepare you for taking on the world!

DAY 10: December 23, 2012—Le Fou Frog: Chicory Coffee Blend

With just 2 days until Christmas Day, it’s time to start preparing your holiday feast!  Cook and bake with a cup of coffee in hand.  We recommend Le Fou Frog’s Chicory Coffee Blend.  With hints of raisin, chocolate and pepper, this coffee will get you excited about cooking (and maybe even for the clean-up afterward).

DAY 11: December 24, 2012— Midnight Rendezvous Dark Roast Decaf

It’s Christmas Eve!!  After you’ve hung the stockings, set out Santa’s cookies and wrote your Christmas wish list, it’s time to go to bed!  To keep you from tossing and turning all night, drink our Midnight Rendezvous Dark Roast Decaf blend before you go to sleep.  It’s smooth, velvety and won’t keep you up all night.

DAY 12: December 25, 2012— Holiday Blend

Merry Christmas!  Wake up with our signature winter blend, the Holiday Blend, on Christmas morning.  Enjoy this blend all day as it goes perfectly with holiday treats.  Enjoy the Holiday Blend’s combination of cinnamon, hazelnut and vanilla as you tear open presents, play in the snow and spend time with friends and family.