The 4 Best Coffee Pairings for Autumn

As days get shorter and the mornings colder, our coffee get darker and our mugs get warmer. This fall, enjoy Kansas City’s gorgeous season with your favorite Roasterie coffee paired with delicious food. Below we’ve shared our favorite fall pairings for you to try as the weather gets a bit chillier.

Guatemala’s Vienna Roast + Caramel Apple

For those early fall mornings we recommend a Guatemala Vienna Roast coffee. Guatemala’s coffee will highlight the apple and cinnamon flavors in your favorite dishes. Its lively aroma and sweet flavor makes it a perfect pair to sliced apples and caramel sauces. The smell of fresh apple cinnamon rolls and a pot of Guatemala coffee brewing in the kitchen is enough to get you out of bed on any brisk fall morning.

Total Eclipse Dark Blend + A Shot of Bailey’s

If you are looking for a coffee that will keep you warm and alert for tailgating season, consider an Ethiopian coffee. We recommend The Roasterie’s Total Eclipse Dark Blend. This Kansas City favorite will be a great mug companion to your Bailey’s Irish Cream. The blend’s dark chocolate and ripe blackberries undertones will taste like you’ve dropped a truffle into your Irish Cream. Yummm…

Sumatra French Roast + Pumpkin Pie

If it’s a sweet tooth you have, don’t worry! We didn’t forget a dessert and coffee pairing.  Try pairing Sumatra fair trade coffee with your homemade pumpkin pie. The combination of smoky earth flavors and pumpkin spices add decadence to your dessert. If you’d like a lighter dessert, try pairing Sumatra coffee with a fruit sorbet.

Autumn Harvest Blend + Pumpkin Spice Muffin

But for those days you just want to want enjoy a colorful fall morning in Kansas City, The Roasterie’s Autumn Harvest Blend is your best brew.  The blend’s pumpkin spice undertones make it smell like autumn in a cup! If Kansas City’s changing leaves and brisk mornings don’t make you feel like autumn is here, brew a cup of Autumn Harvest Blend, heat up a homemade pumpkin spice muffin and you’ll be on your way to a perfect fall day.

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, explore pairing specialty coffee with delicious food to find your fall favorite.  Don’t be afraid to be adventurous this season and find ways to enjoy fall in Kansas City!


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