The 5 Best Ways to Enjoy Coffee in College

Oh, college; the best 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 years of anyone’s life.  It’s a time where not only do you find what you want to be when you grow up, but you also learn more about who you are as a person.  Ask our Bean Baron himself and he’ll tell you that he did the same, and not surprisingly, coffee was in the mix.

During that window of time in college, the letter “C” plays a pretty important role. You’re at college to go to classes. Those classes determine your life until commencement.  And perhaps the only way to survive those college classes to get to commencement is by drinking coffee!

College is when most people start drinking coffee, whether it’s for mid-terms or to make it to an 8:00AM class after Dollar Night. It is fine and dandy to live off of Ramen during college (we all did it) but drinking sub-par coffee is something we strictly oppose. So we felt it our duty to give you precious college students the 5 best ways to enjoy coffee on campus before you head back to school!

1.    Coffee shops (duh!)

The most obvious way to enjoy coffee in college is by heading to the local coffee shop. But as we all know, the coffee shop isn’t just for getting coffee; it’s one of the best places to study and is a haven for creativity. Even better are the campus coffee shops that serve Roasterie blends!  You can find that list here (and if you just graduated high school, this list might sway your decision on where to go to college!).

2.    EkoBrew cup

If you’re looking to save money and make your own coffee from the dorm room, we advise putting a Keurig machine on your list of college necessities. And if you really want to be cost-effective and eco-friendly, consider using an EkoBrew cup in your Keurig machine.  An EkoBrew allows you to enjoy delicious, specialty coffee (even coffee from The Roasterie!) straight from a Keurig machine.

3.    French press

Bring a French press onto campus and you’re sure to im”press” any senior!  A French press allows you to make delicious coffee right from your dorm room.  Or better yet, ask your parents to send you to college equipped with the Bean Baron Travel Kit Jr. This kit literally has everything you need to make delicious Roasterie coffee!

4.    Store up on Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew

Some like it hot, but others like it cold (especially during the first few months of college.  Friendly tip: Select a dorm room with air conditioning!).  During the hot August and September months, try drinking your coffee chilled.  Iced coffee is absolutely delicious and will still give you that kick of caffeine for long nights of studying.  But college is a busy time and making cold brew takes a while.  Luckily, we have Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew available right now at our factory store. Stock up on it while it lasts! Pro tip: Freezing Cold Brew makes it last a lot longer!

5.    Ship your beans

Not every school carries Roasterie coffee (or specialty coffee at that!).  It’s a tragedy, we know. But just because specialty coffee is not available on campus doesn’t mean you have to go without it. We ship our beans all over the country, even our decaf.

College is an adventure.  If we’ve learned anything from the Bean Baron, it’s that you can’t have an adventure without great coffee. So go ahead and fill up your cup and get to studying!  Let your college adventure begin!

Want Roasterie coffee on your campus? Contact us and let’s make it happen!