The 5 Steps to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

perfect cup of coffee

“Perfect” is a word that is thrown around all too often.  Is it really a perfect day outside?  Is your neighbor’s lawn really perfect?  And of course, no matter what you may say, no one’s life is absolutely perfect.

But there is a way to get the perfect start to the day…and we are here to tell you about it!  Per the expertise of our Roasterie Q Grader, Paul Massard, obeying the following 5 steps will lead to that coveted cup of morning coffee perfection.

1.     Water to coffee ratio

Just like with any food or drink concoction, the ingredient portions need to be correct.  This is especially true with coffee, considering water and the blend are the only two ingredients for many people.  Truth is, it is really a matter of preference.  Some prefer their coffee brutally strong, while others need to tone down the overwhelming coffee taste.  This chart can help you figure out your perfect water to coffee ratio!

In addition, it is critical for coffee drinkers to understand the importance of water quality!  Keep in mind that 98% of coffee is water, so the way your water tastes will ultimately affect the way your coffee tastes!

2.     Water temperature

Similar to the water to coffee ratio, your perfect water temperature is going to be discovered by trial and error.  We at The Roasterie have found that the most pleasurable coffee is served between 195-205 degrees F.  But start on the lower end and work your way up.  We don’t want you burning your mouth on your first try!

3.     Ground correctly for brewing method

There is no such thing as a universal grind for all coffee; there is a different grind for every method.  For instance, if your grinding method of choice is a French Press then you want a coarse grind.  But if you are making an espresso, then you want as fine of a grind as possible.

Grinding incorrectly can ruin your batch of coffee, and in turn, probably your day.  So if you really want the perfect cup of coffee, be sure to invest in a good coffee grinder and learn how to grind for your personal preference.

4.     Serve quickly

Of course after you have made what is sure to be your perfect cup of coffee, you may want to sit there and admire it.  Go ahead and do so, but not for very long.  Coffee needs to be served within 30 minutes of brewing.  Otherwise your time and effort was all for naught.  In our opinion, though, the sooner served, the better.  You don’t want to have to re-heat it!

If you need a larger brew of coffee to stay heated for a longer period of time (let’s say, for the office to drink throughout the morning), then be sure that the brewed coffee stays warm in a high quality carafe.  Keep to-go coffee warm by putting it in a heat-trapping thermos.

5.     Choose the best

We probably should have put this one first, but it is not absolutely mandatory to make good coffee (just needed to make the best).  You have to pick your favorite Roasterie air-roasted coffee blend in order to make the perfect cup!  Choose among our blends from 14 different countries, espresso beans, flavored blends, home roasting beans and many more.  Visit our website for more information on each handpicked coffee!

Take the extra time to follow these steps leading to the “perfect” cup of coffee.  The only bad part is that after that perfectly delicious cup of coffee, the rest of your day may go downhill.  Until the next perfect cup!