The Benefits of Using a Reusable Coffee Mug vs a Paper Cup

Most coffee drinkers consume coffee every day. If you stop by your favorite coffee shop every day, that’s at least 7 cups being used and eventually wasted every week. That’s over 300 cups annually and that doesn’t even take into consideration other consumables being served in paper cups on different occasions. Here at The Roasterie we have a variety of mugs and travel mugs to meet your coffee-drinking needs AND help save the environment.

So, why should you use a reusable mug to contain your favorite morning beverage? Here’s our opinion:

Environmentally friendly

If you’ve been thinking about stepping up your recycling game (or even just starting your recycling game) converting from paper cups to a reusable mug is a great and easy first step! Many people assume that paper cups can be recycled because they are paper but unfortunately that is not the case. Most paper cups are lined with plastic or wax to help keep your joe hot and to prevent the paper cup from dissolving into mush. Because of this special ingredient, paper cups cannot be recycled or composted.

Heat Retention

Reusable mugs are able to keep your coffee hot for several hours – even if most of the time you may not need it due to your speed of consumption. Insulated travel mugs can be found in a variety of styles. Here at The Roasterie we are confident one of our options will meet your needs.


There are many reusable mug options these days that will not only keep your coffee nice and hot but are also spill-proof! Fill up your favorite mug with your favorite blend and forget your fears of coffee stains on your favorite shirt.

Budget Friendly

At The Roasterie Café we award those using reusable mugs with a discount on their beverage. Next time you stop by any of our Cafés, be sure to bring your favorite mug! The more you know.

The time has come to convert. Check our our favorite Roasterie mugs below:

The Roasterie Green Thermal Mug – Our green thermal mug featuring The Roasterie logo offers optimal heat retention and easy cleaning. The spill-proof lid ensures the coffee will not spill on your way to work.

The Roasterie Black French Press Travel Mug – Our black French press thermal mug offers French pressed coffee on-the-go. Features also include a hidden storage compartment on the bottom that allows you to bring ground coffee for a second cup!

The Roasterie Diner Mug – This coffee mug keeps it stylish with its glossy and vibrant color. The Roasterie imaging can be seen on either side of the cup. Available in black and white!

Sporting Kansas City Ceramic Latte Mug – This coffee mug looks super cool and has a high curved grip for easy grab and go handling. With The Roasterie logo on one side and the Sporting Kansas City logo on the other, no one can mistake you for anything less than one of the best fans in the MLS.

Sporting Kansas City Travel Mug – Show your pride for the reigning MLS Cup Champions with this foam insulated travel mug featuring The Roasterie and Sporting Kansas City logos. The snap-fit, spill-proof lid ensures your Sporting Blend will stay in the cup no matter how many potholes you encounter on your morning commute.

All of these mugs are available online here and in-store at The Roasterie Cafés.