The Perfect Father’s Day Coffee Gift (Under $30!)

Believe it or not, Father’s Day is just a few days away.  Now is the perfect time to shop for Dad.  And if your dad just so happens to be a coffee lover, we have the perfect gift for him!

Wow your father, grandfather or any special guy in your life with Roasterie rub, ketchup and barbeque sauce!  We promise he will dig into all three of these delicious products and will enjoy them all summer long.

Fine Vines Artisanal Roasterie Ketchup ($5.99): One of our newest Roasterie products on the market is our out-of-this-world coffee ketchup.  Dad will absolutely love this condiment for beef and pork or as a tasty and healthy alternative for smoked meats and brisket.  Does your dad love ketchup and eggs in the morning?  Satisfy his breakfast cravings with eggs and Roasterie ketchup as breakfast-in-bed (we’ll let you take all the credit for that one).

Super Tuscan Coffee Barbeque Sauce ($6.10): Our coffee-flavored barbeque sauce has been a hit in homes and restaurants across America.  But why wouldn’t it?  Dads go absolutely crazy for our barbeque sauce’s bold, tart, sweet and peppery flavors.  Plus, moms certainly don’t mind the dark chocolate and caramel undertones!

Super Tuscan Coffee Barbeque Rub ($6.10): But before you lather on the Super Tuscan Coffee Barbeque Sauce, be sure to season Dad’s favorite meat with our Roasterie coffee rub.  This rub accentuates the flavor of the barbeque sauce to a tee–the two make a great pair!

Combine all three of these Dad favorites into one of our retro Roasterie lunchpails and you can give your beloved father a gift that’s under $30!  We promise that any coffee-loving, grill-obsessed man will love this gift.  Hurry in to any of our 3 cafés to stock up while these items are available!