The Perfect Summer Coffee: Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew

RTD cold brewed coffee is a must-have during the summertime months.  What is RTD, you ask?  Ready-to-drink, chilled coffee for those who want their caffeine quickly and perhaps on-the-go!

For those who love iced coffee, we have the Never Summer Blend.  It is absolutely delicious, but it needs to be brewed in the morning.  The Ready-to-Drink Cold Brewed Coffee that we offer is ready as soon as you wake up in the morning.  And since we’re always aiming to please our customers, especially during the summer, we’ve started offering RTD Cold Brewed Coffee. This summertime staple is currently available only at The Roasterie Factory Café, but at $4 a bottle, it’s worth the trip.

And if you’re already heading to the Roasterie factory for some RTD coffee, why not take a tour?