The Roasterie 20th Anniversary Platinum Blend Now Available

It’s a big year for us at The Roasterie.  In conjunction with our 20th anniversary (can you believe it’s been 20 years!?) we are rolling out some new products in 2013 so the entire coffee drinking community can start celebrating with us.  One of our best products this year is our brand new 20th Anniversary Platinum blend, now available at The Roasterie cafés and online!

Here is what you will find in the 20th Anniversary Platinum blend:

  • Brazilian beans:  The Brazilian beans symbolize one of the first direct relationships that we established as a company in the coffee business.
  • Kenyan beans:  The Kenyan beans represent the first African country we all visited.
  • Sulawesi beans:  Sulawesi beans provide a flavor complexity we couldn’t help but add into our 20th Anniversary blend.
  • Costa Rica beans: These beans signify where it all started for our founder and Bean Baron, Danny O’Neill.

When all four beans are combined together, the blend embodies flavor notes that are bright and candy-sweet.  Some will note that the flavor of the 20th Anniversary Platinum blend is a bit fruity (with a hint of berry, lemon, lime and grapefruit).  Plus, the blend has the perfect mix of spice and provides a lingering finish and seductive, exotic, vibrant taste.

“This blend encompasses the four major coffee growing regions of the world,” explains our Q Grader and Bean Hunter, Paul Massard. “Its bright lemon-like acidity is complemented by its candy-sweet character. With complex notes of dried berries and exotic spice, this vibrant blend lingers on your palate long after your last sip.”

Where can you snag a bag of our Platinum blend?  Stop by any of our three Roasterie locations, shop for the blend online or swing by any of our grocery stores.  Our 20th Anniversary blend became available the week of April 8th after it was debuted at our Roasterie media event at the Bean Hangar.

What are you waiting for? Start celebrating The Roasterie’s 20th anniversary with our newest blend!