The Roasterie Becomes Proud Sponsor of Brookside Soccer

Soccer and coffee—to players, the two may not go hand-in-hand. But for the parents who stand through hours of games and tournaments in the chilly fall air, soccer and coffee seem to be a match made in heaven! That’s why The Roasterie is proud to officially sponsor the Brookside Soccer Club and caffeinate tired, chilly soccer moms (and dads) all season long!

We made our first appearance at the Swope Park Fields a few weekends ago during the opener for the Brookside Soccer fall season. With plenty of freshly brewed Roasterie coffee to go around, our own Bean Baron, Danny O’Neill, passed out our custom BSC coffee blend to caffeine-deprived parents and soccer fans alike.

Bean Baron Danny O’Neill serves up some fresh custom BSC brew from the Roasterie Airstream.

Plus, if you take a close look at any Brookside soccer player’s jersey, you’ll also see our logo (including the iconic DC-3 airplane) on both the front and back!

But our involvement goes far beyond appearances at the fields. In fact, 10% of all coffee purchases, as well as 100% of our tips, will go straight to BSC. This money will go toward scholarships and new training programs to benefit every player involved in BSC!
We could not be more excited for our partnership with the Brookside Soccer Club. Be sure to stop by our Airstream (our mobile coffee unit) the next time you make it out to a Brookside soccer game…we’d love to see you!

It seems as if coffee and soccer are now the perfect blend!