The Roasterie Coffee Ketchup Is Here (Just in Time for BBQ Season!)

We love our coffee collaborations.  Not only are they fun to dream up, but they are even better to enjoy.  From our coffee chocolates to our coffee flavored barbecue sauce, we will stop at nothing to bring the coffee-loving community delicious new creations.

But when we collaborated with Bruce Steinberg of Fine Vines Artisanal Ketchup to create our first Roasterie-flavored ketchup, a few eyebrows were raised.  Coffee and ketchup?  Do the two really make a good pair?

As a matter of fact, YES!  The idea came from a common denominator of the two flavors—beef.  Beef tastes great with a punchy yet smooth tomato sauce, yet it is also absolutely lip-smacking when rubbed with coffee.  When you combine both tomato sauce and coffee with beef, pork or barbecue meats, it truly is a match made in culinary heaven.

So…What’s Coffee Ketchup Like?

Our Bean Hunter Paul Massard and Bean Baron Danny O’Neill worked very hard with Bruce to find the right flavor profile for the new coffee ketchup.  At first, the trio attempted to use The Roasterie Super Tuscan Espresso since it has been used in a number of other Roasterie products.  But after multiple blind tastings, it was found that the best beans for the job were Ethiopian Sidamo beans which give off sweet citrus aromatics and a syrup-like body.

How Should I Try My Coffee Ketchup?

Both coffee and ketchup have evolving flavor trends that enhance the flavors of food and give consumers an easy way to make meals taste a little different. This is the reason many KC chefs are turning to Fine Vines Artisanal Roasterie Ketchup as a side condiment, a glaze to brush over steaks, a ketchup for hamburgers and hotdogs or even as an accompaniment to smoked barbecue (sans the unhealthy amount of corn syrup that many barbecue sauces have!).  Customers are also using coffee ketchup for eggs (remember eating scrambled eggs with ketchup as a kid?  Amplify it with coffee ketchup for the perfect breakfast-in-bed!).

Where Do I Find Fine Vines Artisanal Roasterie Ketchup?

The very first shipment of the Fine Vines Artisanal Roasterie Ketchup was delivered to our factory in December 18, 2012.  From that moment on, more and more grocery stores and specialty stores were looking to get their hands on this unique new product (as a matter of fact, Bruce has many interested stores backlogged right now).  You can currently find our ketchup at Cosentino’s, two Better Cheddars, the Best of Kansas City store, three Hy-Vee locations as well as a number of Price Chopper grocery stores.  Fourteen area grocery stores carry The Roasterie Fine Vines Artisanal Ketchup as well as all 3 Roasterie cafés!  See all locations here.

Fine Vines + The Roasterie

The collaboration between Fine Vines and The Roasterie has been an extremely rewarding one—not just for Bruce Steinberg, but for our entire staff.  In fact, working with Bruce has reminded us very much of our entrepreneurial past and our own humble beginnings.  Twenty years ago, our Bean Baron had to convince people that there were better coffee options and flavors out there.  We had to introduce specialty coffee into the Kansas City market and in essence, “disrupt the coffee industry”.  Today, Bruce Steinberg and his ketchups are doing the exact same thing for the condiment industry.

“The Roasterie is one of the most prominent, independent food brands in the Kansas City market,” says Bruce.  “They are a superb example of how to bring a new product to the market.  I look at prominent local brands like The Roasterie as role models.  I have nothing but respect and admiration for them.”

The collaboration between The Roasterie and Fine Vines continues as our own Bean Baron mentors Bruce through the phases of starting a new business.  After mentoring with a number of local entrepreneurs (as well as participating in the Kauffman FastTrac Program and the UMKC Entrepreneurship Program), Bruce has successfully launched his ketchup company with 12 original flavors (the most popular including The Roasterie Ketchup and the Black Truffle flavor).  According to Bruce, the market has responded much quicker and on a larger scale than he expected.

“In Kansas City, you see a lot of collaborations,” explains Bruce.  “Usually it comes from a very surprising direction—like this one!  Entrepreneurs in Kansas City are willing to share, collaborate and help other entrepreneurs.  That benefits the community, the consumers and other companies.”

Want to try Fine Vines Artisanal Roasterie Ketchup for yourself?  Buy it here!