The Roasterie Coffee Spotlight: Fair Trade Organic

Many times customers ask for either Fair Trade Certified coffee or Organic Certified coffees. Here at The Roasterie we offer coffees with both certifications. Today all of our Fair Trade Certified coffees are also Organic Certified.

Fair trade certification helps farmers achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainability. It is sustainable because when farmers can make a better living from their work, they’re better able to invest in their land and achieve the things they need to produce a quality product.

Fair Trade Certification can have a huge impact on the lives of farming families, on the development of their communities, and on the quality of products available to consumers.

On the other hand Organic farming is a way of producing food without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Farmers keep their soil fertile and productive using only natural, organic amendments and methods. They plant only natural species and naturally cultivated hybrids, without any genetically modified (GMO) varieties. They place a high priority on sustainable use and management of their land.

Many coffee farms are organic, but when you buy coffee that is Organic Certified, you can be confident that your coffee was grown using land and practices that meet strict standards for organic agriculture.

At The Roasterie, we use only the very best coffee beans. Any Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffee we offer not only meets the requirements for both of those certifications, but also meets our high standards for quality and flavor.

What coffees we offer:

Blue Sky Mexican Decaf Organic-

Has a sweet aroma of fresh lavender and cedar that breaks into a fruity, nutty profile of raisin and dark chocolate that is irresistible.

Blue Tawar Blend Organic-

A spicy and sweet caramel-like aroma is both refined and exotic. Delicate earthiness complements strong blackberry and blueberry notes in its smooth full finish.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic-

Citrus and a floral aroma proceeds a deep and rich flavor of burgundy wines.

Guatemalan Fair Trade Organic-

Rich floral aroma and a slightly sweet flavor as a coffee that is “symphonic in the cup.”

Mexican Fair Trade Organic-

A light fruity acidic complements the full body. Unique spicy tones enhance the long smooth finish.

Organic Fair Trade Espresso-

It is smooth as silk and as intricate as Italian lace, with a subtle undertone of mocha.

Organic Fair Trade Espresso Decaf-

The subtle undertone of mocha will sure touch the soul of espresso lovers everywhere.

Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade Organic-

A very full-bodied coffee with intense aroma and flavor that reverberates with an earthy, smoky, and fruity complexity.

Urban Growth KC Fair Trade Organic Blend-

An intense aroma that reverberates with a gentle dark chocolate flavor. Bonus: 10% of sales of this coffee benefit Urban Growth KC to help provide nutritious and hearty yields of fresh produce for those in need within the KC community.