The Roasterie Debuts New, Vibrant Kansas City Event Space!

Ten years ago, our Bean Baron, Danny O’Neill, needed guidance.  When he started his specialty coffee business in the basement of his home in 1993, he had no idea what challenges he would face as he began building The Roasterie.  So, he found a mentor in the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (HEMP).  Years later, Henry Bloch of H&R Block became more than just a mentor to Danny, but a friend, a confidant and a great strategist.  The two worked together to grow The Roasterie into one of the most recognized specialty coffee brands.

Things came full circle last night when we opened our brand new event space for the very first time to none other than H&R Block!  As the first event to ever take place at The Roasterie’s event space, the H&R Block corporate gathering was not only a celebration of a strong, Kansas City company, but a tribute to Henry Bloch’s guidance and friendship to our coffee business over the past ten years.

Our new event space, known as the Bean Hangar, just one of the many overhaul projects that we are constructing in order to enhance everyone’s coffee experience! The vibrant space, complete with steel lighting, glossy floors and even curtains trimmed with burlap coffee bags also opens up into a cupping room as well as a full-blown café, which will open next week.  The café is a unique one—with a coffee-bean-shaped counter, odes to aviation and a Manager of Guest Relations desk constructed from an engine cowling from a 767 airplane.

We are so excited to bring a brand new, extremely unique Bean Hangar event space to Kansas City.  With spectacular views of the DC-3, an inside look at our coffee plant and stunning natural lighting, the event space is perfect for any event—from nighttime cocktail parties to day-time business luncheons.

“You know the feeling of energy you get on your face when you stand in front of Times Square?” asks Danny O’Neill.  “That’s the feeling you’ll get when you look at the Bean Hanger.  You can just feel the energetic vibe.  We could not be more excited to open up this space.”

The Bean Hangar is the perfect place for you to host your next event!  Simply call us at 816-931-4000 or shoot us an email at for more information or to book our Roasterie event space.