The Roasterie Fuels Groggy Iowa State Students

There’s no denying it—falling asleep in class (at least once or twice in your life) is inevitable. In college, we’re constantly sleepy. It’s tough to keep up with exams, late night study sessions, loud dorm rooms, crazy roommates and of course, beckoning frat parties. Let’s face it—we don’t like feeling sleepy. And we’re positive college students don’t either. After all, college is a time to absorb new, fascinating information. We want you to be fully alert for that!

That’s why we have partnered with Iowa State University to provide students with its own delicious custom Roasterie blend! We collaborated with ISU and together, created a custom blend sure to please students and staff alike. The brew is now known as 1858 (which replaces the Cardinal and Gold blend students may be used to). The coffee combines three coffee origins—Mexican, Sumatra and Guatemalan—for a rich, smooth taste enjoyed by young, sleepy students everywhere.

Why Iowa State University? This Midwestern school certainly loves its coffee…and is the alma mater our own Bean Baron, Danny O’Neill!

Where can you find this 1858 blend? ISU students can enjoy the blend in many of its cafés including Bookends, Business, Courtyard, Design and Gentle Doctor cafés. It can also be found in the MU Market and Café.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Iowa State University and hope each and every one of the students and faculty enjoy the 1858 blend. What can we say? It’s our mission to help students stay awake in class…one cup of Joe at a time!