The Roasterie Gives Thanks for our 20 Year Customers

When we officially opened our doors 20 years ago, our goal was to build something unique to Kansas City. 20 years, a lot of work, and a DC-3 later, it’s safe to say we’re proud of what we have accomplished.  Thanks to the people and businesses that have supported us, we’ve been fortunate enough to have an adventure and live our dream of roasting the world’s best coffee. Since this is the season of giving thanks, we’re compelled to give our thankfulness to those who have been with us since the beginning.

“Our precious 1st 20…”

Without amazing Kansas City restaurants like The American Restaurant, Andre’s Confiserie Suisse, Bristol Seafood Grill, Classic Cup Café, Californos Restaurant, it would have never been possible for a Roasterie faithful to enjoy the world’s best coffee alongside an amazing meal. In addition to providing our coffee to their customers, they provided us with inspiration and motivation to always strive to do what’s right. We were honored when Chef Sandi Corder-Clootz of Eden Alley Vegetarian Café said, “The way The Roasterie conducts business is exactly what we like to support in the local community.” It means so much coming from someone we think of so highly. To be recognized for something we strive for by the ones that we cherish makes it that much more special.

“…you never forget your first…”

As the saying goes, “you’re only as good as the company you keep”.  We’ve been so fortunate over the past 20 years to be kept by some truly amazing company. We want to give thanks to local grocers Ball’s Food Stores, Marsh’s Sunfresh Market, The Best of Kansas City, and The legendary McGonigle’s Market. A big thank you to local coffee shops Espresso Ah La Cart, and Rockhurst University for choosing our coffee to not only build your reputation, but ours as well.

We’re thankful for Kansas City businesses that believe what we believe; KCUR,  our neighbors Boulevard Brewing Co., Hallmark, The Q Hotel & Spa, and Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions. All of whom choose to make Roasterie Coffee apart of theirs and their customers’ lives. Grant Burcham President and CEO of Missouri Bank believed in The Roasterie and our vision since the beginning saying, “If the product was bad, we wouldn’t use it.  But the Roasterie’s product is great.  Danny puts a face and a brand with a product that is so much more than just taste.  The Roasterie is all about community building, hard work and a great product.”

“…we love loyalty”

Kansas City is an amazing city and we’re honored to have been able to carve out a home here. The Kansas City community in itself is an amazing, empowering and supportive one. We’re thankful for the Kansas City community staples like The Kansas City Zoo, The Kauffman Foundation, Central Exchange, St. Peter’s Parish that have been doing business with us for 20 years.

The final of our 20 year customers  we want to give thanks to is not only a Kansas City staple, not only a restaurant, and not only a retail shop; it’s all three. We want to give a big thank you to Browne’s Irish Marketplace not only because they speak to Danny’s Irish roots but also because they serve as a model for all great local Kansas City Businesses.

As our 20th year begins to wind down we can’t help but get a little emotional. A kid from Iowa had a dream, chased it, and is now living it. People say the American dream is dead, well….we’re living proof that that’s just a bunch of hogwash. The thing about the American dream that nobody tells you is that there’s no such thing as self-made American dream. It takes a group of amazing people and a community to support them. We’re thankful that we’ve been fortunate enough to have both. So with that said we raise our mugs to you, our customers, cheers to the first 20 and on to 20 more!

Celebrate Our 20th with some of our 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition Blend.