The Roasterie Mug Shot Photo Contest: Win a Cupping for 4!

Ever since we hoisted our beloved DC-3 plane above our Kansas City coffee factory, we have received some absolutely incredible photos of the new KC landmark from well…everyone!  There have been photos of our DC-3 Instagrammed on social media, sent to us directly via email, even used as a backdrop in engagement photos!  We could not be more proud of our beautiful DC-3 plane and we know you love it too.

That’s why we’re asking you to submit your own Roasterie DC-3 photos into The Roasterie Mug Shot Photo Contest!  When you submit to our Facebook page, your photo could be printed on cool Roasterie merch (like mugs, t-shirts and more!).  Plus, the winner will get a Roasterie cupping experience for 4 and some of the world’s best coffee for free!  The winner will be determined by a panel of judges from The Roasterie as well as some awesome Kansas City photographers.

How can you enter to win?  Simply visit The Roasterie on Facebook, click on our Mug Shot Photo Contest tab and submit your DC-3 photo!

Hurry!  The Roasterie Mug Shot Photo Contest will only accept submissions until December 16, 2012!  We will crown a winner on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.

Good luck and may the best photo win!!