The Roasterie Newsletter September 2014

Dear Roasterie friends and family,

We hope that this finds you happy and healthy. We’ve had a busy summer; a great summer and for a lot of reasons, the best summer ever. I was recently telling a buddy this and Terry jumped in and said, “Geez Dad! You say that every time!” But it’s true; it’s just been a Norman Rockwell type summer across the board.

Normy Sendoff
Like a lot of folks who retire, Normy only seemed to get busier. But between his many volunteer activities, we squeezed in a trip of a lifetime for two simple Iowa boys: a tour of the John Deere tractor and combine factories in Iowa and Illinois!!! We were as giddy as two little kids going to camp and the trip just could not have been any better than it was. We both love all things John Deere, all things Iowa…really all things small town “Anywhere, USA” and we packed it in over three memorable days this summer. Whether you love tractors or not, we strongly recommend visiting the John Deere headquarters, factories and museum. They are extremely well organized, informative and incredibly interesting. Normy and I seldom go anywhere without a speeding ticket and this trip was no exception.

Chrysler Living History
We were fortunate enough to have the annual Chrysler Airflow Club Meet in Springfield, MO this year. When Sophie was little she couldn’t say “Airflow” so she said “Flo” and thereafter we named our company’s 1937 Chrysler Airflow “Flo”. Normy and his son Brian joined our family for the meet and again, it reminded us of everything we loved about our country. We went to see the Springfield Cardinals play in their beautiful park, we drove up and down original sections of Route 66, and we shared stories with wonderful people from all over the country (and other countries). While the meet centered on cars, it’s really about community and truly embodies many of the aspects that make our country so great.

Tragedy; Drama; Miracle
One Sunday evening earlier in the summer we were on the farm and decided to take Flo for a ride. We drove down to the Missouri river and Sophie chatted up some perfect strangers fishing there. When it was time to go, Flo wouldn’t start so one of these strangers gave me a ride back to our farm to get the truck. I tossed Chewie in before I headed back and when I got to the river (about 2 miles away), Chewie was not in the truck and we couldn’t find her anywhere. After towing Flo home, I went back to look for her…and Carla and the kids and I did for the next several days and she was nowhere to be found. We reported her missing and several calls started coming in of “Chewie sightings”.

This would typically not warrant a conversation except for 2 aspects: first, the kind of drama that a lost dog brings to a 6 and 8 year old. And secondly, the pure goodness and kindness of perfect strangers in our society. The week Chewie went missing was crazy busy for us so we took turns responding to calls of “Chewie sightings” and drove the 35 miles back to the farm as soon as we could. But there were other folks, folks who we’d never met, who went and sat by the river and waited for her, put food out for her, and went to the river at dawn and waited till they had to leave for work! And they’d call and text and email updates to us…and these were folks that we’d never met and had no idea who we were.

On the 4th day, I received a text from yet another stranger that they’d seen a dog resembling the description and I finally found her in a field less than a mile from home, scared and haggard and crying like a rabbit caught in a trap. I told the story to many friends and it’s another reminder that in spite of all the nasty aspects of our society, by and large, most people are truly good and the overwhelming majority are there to help. Our children could not have learned a more powerful lesson this summer, and Chewie no longer rides in the back of the truck with her front feet hanging over the edge.

Trip of a lifetime
We attended a Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (HEMP) event earlier this summer and it included a fun auction to raise money for the program. We bid and won “a hour in a Dodge Viper” donated by our friend Lirel Holt. He knew how much I have coveted this car so he let Terry and I fly to Salt Lake City and drive it back to Kansas City! It was one of the most remarkable trips of my life, and for Terry? An 8 year old getting to sit in the front seat for the first time in his life? It was simply nirvana. We got “thumbs up” for the next three days by nearly everyone we passed and the best was a quote by a gentleman in Salt Lake City. He said, “I’m a Vette guy and when you drive a Vette, it makes you feel good. But when you drive a Viper, it makes everyone else feel good!

We were blasting through the mountains on sunny days (two more tickets) and stopped in CO to spend a couple of nights with friends. We were crossing KS and the phone rang and Terry answered and while I couldn’t hear the question, I’ll never forget his answer; “No Mom, we’ll be home late. We are stopping in Ellis, KS; Ellis, KS, Mom, the home of Walter P. Chrysler!” And so we did…so very much worth the trip. The Viper had a similar effect on Sophie and mom and now the mere mention of a Viper brings a big, fat smile to all of us.

Nasty Office Coffee
We use a fun quip, “Life’s too short to drink nasty coffee” but we really mean it. Once in a while I’ll be in an office and the person will say, “I’d offer you a cup of coffee but our coffee is so terrible.” I’ll politely move the conversation on but it always strikes me as slightly absurd. For about a dime a cup, you can go from the cheapest, most rotgut swill to some of the best coffees in the world. And whether it’s a customer, visitor, partner or associate of your company…why make the apology? Seriously…for a dime? What a way to welcome your guests…or a way to demonstrate how much you care about your associates. About half the folks you offer coffee to will say yes, and a typical associate will drink about 2.5 cups of coffee a day at the office. I’d say if you have anyone on your team that’s not worth $.25 a day, then it’s probably time for a serious conversation. And if your visitors and partners aren’t worth it, then maybe it’s time to rethink who’s visiting?

It’s a strange and outdated part of our office culture…that notion that “if I am going to provide free coffee, then it is going to be cheap and nasty.” I’d ask ‘why’? To what end? The younger folks today are calling it out, particularly in the creative and tech industries. And while it will no doubt come across as self-serving, one of the cheapest yet most impactful employee benefits you can offer is great coffee. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! We’ve set up so many offices and with the overwhelming positive outcomes, honestly, if I weren’t in the coffee business and had a normal office, the first thing I’d do is upgrade the coffee. And for you associates out there, don’t take it! Life is too short; let your boss know that you’re worth it.

“I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity (Justice Oliver Wendal Homes, Jr.).

This is probably my favorite quote in the world and striving for that simplicity is what continues to drive us; dealing with the ‘simplicity on this side of complexity’ is undoubtedly what I struggle with the most. I like to hang with folks in the second group; and we’ve aspired to build our company so that our products and the way that we serve you with them feel this way…simple and elegant. But God knows there is nothing easy about it. Nor did anyone say that it would be; or should be.

Over the years we’ve worked with great chefs, artists, baristas, authors, etc. and nearly every one of them has shared this same drive…that simple elegance on the other side of the chaos. I love chefs and love working with them. They are undoubtedly some of the smartest, hardest working and underappreciated folks in our world. You can always tell the ones who live on the other side by simply asking them for the recipe for something they created. They will often have this wry smile and they’ll give you the recipe…followed with something like “Let me know how that works out for you” as they know that the ‘recipe’ is but a small portion of the final product. It takes years of experience to make it look so simple and easy.

And so it is with roasting coffee. In our case, ‘buy the finest coffees in the world, roast them the best way known to man, get them to the customer as fast as humanly possible.” We wrote that in July of 1993 and it has never changed. Pretty simple…but anything but easy. But therein lies the challenge; and drive and ultimately, our purpose. My dad used to say, “Well if it was easy, Danny, everyone would be doing it.”

There are a great many imitators and fakers out there, whether you’re talking about artists, chefs or coffee roasters. But when you begin to scratch a little bit, you’ll find that it’s hard to fake originality, experience and authenticity. And until we run out of fresh ideas, you’ll always find us forging our own way forward.

This also makes me think of one of the best TED talks I’ve ever seen, “Learning From Dirty Jobs” by Mike Rowe. Although I’ve never seen the show, this talk is one of the most meaningful and captivating that I’ve ever seen and it’s worth 17 minutes of your time. Let me know what you think of it.

Lebanon and books
With the situation in the Middle East being what it is, our trip back to see Carla’s family was much simpler than in years past. But the silver lining was that we had so much more quality time with friends and family that it turned out to be one of our most enjoyable trips ever. We saw Anthony, Annette (who introduced Carla and I back in 2001) and spent nearly every day with Carla’s family. The kids helped Grandpa in the garden, Grandma in the kitchen, and I was able to read seven awesome books. Sitting on the deck, drinking coffee in the mountain air and reading while hearing the voices of the kids playing in the background…it was just about the best vacation anyone could ever ask for. Here are the books:

The Last Mission; The B-29 Raid That Ended WWII, by Jim B. Smith (Thank you, Normy). Unbelievably interesting and a page-turner; I highly recommend it if you like history, aviation and stories of true heroism.

Gates of Fire, the story of the 300 Spartans who held off a Persian army of 2 million for six days. Great book, fast read, much better than the movie (isn’t this nearly always the case?), heart wrenching; I loved it.

Istanbul (Thank you, Kimberly Stern). Great read; historic, romantic, and rich in detail. It reminds me of what I felt while visiting Istanbul 2 years ago; same feeling I had in Prague and St. Petersburg, Russia (Stalingrad when I was there). It’s a memoir by Orhan Panuk about growing up in Istanbul, melancholy and ultimately finding one’s self. His writing at times makes me think of Gabriel Garcia Marquez; moving, emotional, longing and they each effortlessly transport you to another time.

What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell. This book is a collection of his New Yorker stories; incredibly interesting, timely and served to enforce how I’ve been wrong about so many things. Malcolm Gladwell is brilliant and I just love his writing style. His stories are intensely interesting and hard to put down until you’re finished. I love how he never seems to have a dog in the hunt. Rather, he’s just naturally curious and seeks to find out the truth rather than convince his readers to think or believe a certain way.

The Big Roads; The Untold Stories of the Engineers, Visionaries, and Trailblazers Who Created the American Superhighways by Earl Swift. It’s an awesome book (thank you, Jeff Berg) that dispels the notion that Eisenhower created our interstates. While he deserves some of the credit, they were actually planned decades before he became president. It’s a great read that covers much about our culture of the last century, focused on the automobile and urban development (and decay, unfortunately).

Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. I absolutely love this book and read it in one sitting in just a few hours. It’s about helping people achieve their dreams. Everyone, no matter who they are and what they do, have hopes and dreams. Often we have folks working for us who have hopes and dreams that we don’t know about; but if we knew what they were, perhaps we could help them achieve them? The book relates a story of one such company and it is full of inspiring examples of folks who bought their first house, first car, sent the first kinds in their families to college, etc. We hope to hire a Dream Manager of our own and help each of our staff build a plan to achieve their hopes and dreams. It is a very uplifting and inspiring book.

The Guns of August. The Outbreak of World War I by Barbara W. Tuchman. Terry (our 8 year old son) actually inspired me to read this when he asked me who the various allies were in WWI. I said, “Oh Terry, WWII would be a lot easier to name.” I could not remember the complicated string of events that touched off WWI and with all the celebrations this year, I thought it was perfect timing. It is a wonderful book and her style makes it both a page-turner as well as easy to follow the complexities of the pre-war arrangements, and she only covers the first month! I definitely recommend it and encourage you to find it as well as any of these other great books at Rainy Day Books! The kids read a bunch this summer as well, inspired by Vivian’s book club at this great bookstore. I’ll save you their list, as it is about 10 times longer than mine.

The kids and I were inspired by the stories of Little Free Libraries so we are building several of them that we’ll be adding to home, factory as well as our Cafes. For us, they epitomize a great story of pure Americana and we encourage everyone to build your own, should you feel so inspired.

Cars, Motorcycles, and Coffee
Well, it just about cannot get any better than that! We added a Cars, Motorcycles, and Coffee series within 24 hours of reading about it! We meet in the parking lot at the plant, virtually under the plane, the second Saturday of every month from 8:00 – 10:00 A.M. It is free and there are only 3 rules:

  1. No soliciting.
  2. No burnouts.
  3. No revving.

They have been an absolute dream and we encourage everyone to come by and check it out. It is pure community…coffee (duh), cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Normy is going to bring “Old Tom”, his 1937 John Deere “B” that sits on our factory floor, too. Our next one will be this weekend (September 13th) and we should have a great group of people and vehicles. The plant Café opens at 8:00 A.M. and we’ll be ready for you. Tours at the plant begin at 8:30 A.M. for anyone interested. Kids, pets and anything else you want to drag along are great!

The attendance has been great and we’ve gotten many suggestions for additional events. So, in the near future, look for: special events where we highlight specific cars and motorcycles (BMW, Triumph, Austin Healey, etc.). Drive-in movie nights where we turn off the runway lights, drop a sheet from Betty (our beloved DC3) and have Butch Rigby show movies. We’ll have a contest to see how many Mini Coopers and Austin Healey’s we can fit in the Bean Hangar. A ‘Bring your Airstream’ day where we’ll focus on folks who like showing off their Airstreams. Food-truck mania where we get as many food trucks as we can and create an excuse for it. Aside from the sheer fun of it, we have a few fundraisers in mind for our neighborhood. We are always weak and feeble when it comes to combatting ideas for fun gatherings so please let us know if you have any ideas in mind!

Iowa State Fair
While we are fans of just about any aspect of pure Americana, the Iowa State Fair has to rank at the top of our list. We love visiting the entrepreneurial exhibits of the 4H kids, every animal pen that we can get to, the tractors, steam engines and the rides. We stay till the kids are exhausted and the kids seldom sleep more soundly than after a day at the fair. I know I’m guilty of over-hyping the awesome aspects of our great country but we really are so fortunate. I’ve been around the world enough to know how lucky we are and just getting out and meeting your typical American folks is simply incredibly fulfilling. All we have to do is follow Terry and Sophie around and we meet new, great friends nonstop, wherever we go. The fair embodies so much of what I treasure from my childhood as well as from our country as a whole.

Teaching People How To Fish
In August I was invited to attend a summit in Puebla, Mexico designed to help coffee farmers produce higher quality coffee and hence, raise family incomes across the board. It is probably the single most enriching part of my life, outside of my family. “Teaching others how to fish” for me is the embodiment of the Jesuit motto: “Men and women of and for others.” It absolutely inspires me and no organization I know of lives it better than the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA). Even though I’ve worked with them for years, I learned so much more about them on this trip. And while there are countless, heart-wrenching stories of women and children suffering when the coffee (or any other crop) is sold and the entire year’s income is quickly wasted in bars and gambling houses…this organization focuses on empowering women in the coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to no longer be victims of that dreadful cycle. You’ll be hearing more about IWCA from us in the future as we announce our partnership programs.

During this trip we were able to identify pockets of extraordinary quality coffee among much more mediocre quality. The bad news…the poor quality…was actually the great potential and the beautiful potential to help teach…help others to help themselves. The most beautiful part of the story is that now the farmers identified as having extraordinary quality coffee will be teaching other farmers in their community how they did it; how their neighbors can do the same thing. It’s not by working harder…it’s simply by learning new methods, often simple steps…but critical steps…to produce great outcomes. We met farmers from the same region receiving less than a dollar a pound to over $15/lb! So on our next trip, what we all hope to witness, is the farmers with the great quality have taught other coffee farmers in their community their best practices and the quality…and income…of all the farmers will have improved dramatically.

There are certainly times to get out your checkbook and write a check. There are many instances of acute hunger and need that simply demand cash and I think we are all called upon to act in these instances. But for long term, sustainable, meaningful improvements for many of those in our lives, it is ‘teaching people to know how to fish’. I am ever more inspired in this endeavor, whether working with local entrepreneurs or coffee farmers in other parts of the world. While there may be exceptions to everything, my overwhelming experience is that folks want to learn for themselves; they seek the dignity and respect that comes with providing for their own needs and the needs of their families. This has been the case in every community that I’ve visited in any country in the world. We encourage you to go teach in whatever community where you are able to make a difference.

Oh my, we have been busy this summer and have lots of exciting news to share!

KU. We’ve had a great partnership with our friends at The University of Kansas for nearly 20 years. We recently signed a 10-year agreement and this summer KU built a Roasterie Café in their Memorial Union and rebranded their other coffee shops as The Roasterie as well. We’ve exchanged staff at each other’s Café’s and have worked hard to increase awareness across campus. Based on the comments streaming in, it feels like it’s going to be a home run. KU had a great many choices for partners and we are sure glad that they didn’t pick Goliath.

New Ready to drink line (RTD). For nearly 9 years we’ve had our Toddy coffee available, initially for folks who had ulcers or other stomach issues where a soft, no-acid coffee alternative was necessary. But kind of like gluten-free, the Toddy coffees gained in popularity because of the convenience and we began experimenting with other recipes. About a year ago I found this fat, chubby bottle that I loved the feel of so we started creating an RTD line of drinks to go into these fun bottles. Then we created the graphics and names once we created the drinks. We have been beyond wired on dozens of occasions as we taste-tested these scrumptious drinks! Look for them in our Cafes and we hope that you’ll love them as much as we do.

Kitchen Jams. We will launch a series of local chef dinners on October 28th. The idea is to spotlight the chef and create a very unique and intimate atmosphere where the guests can ask questions and discuss and learn their styles and philosophies. There will be limited seating and we expect for them to sell out quickly. Please save the date of October 28th for our first event. It will be a collaboration between Michael Smith, Jasper Mirable and Grace Mena from Costa Rica. Grace has cooked with each of these chefs individually in Costa Rica, but we’ll bring the 3 of them together for the first time. Expect it to be fun, funny, delicious and memorable. Details to be announced soon so stay tuned!

The Roasterie Café Updates
Our first remodel, our flagship Brookside location, is nearly complete. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank everyone for his or her patience. We hope that you feel that it was worth it! So far, the feedback has been awesome. We set out to enhance the customer experience, make the flow more efficient and offer more seating options. The factory Café is next and then Leawood by November.

The café remodel in Brookside has definitely changed the look and feel of our Brookside location. The café has a functionality and coziness that has never been greater! We’re excited about our new brew bar space; it’s the perfect spot to enjoy any of our manual brewing methods or a great place to watch baristas craft the perfect drink. If you’re passionate about great coffee like we are, this is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the sights, sounds, and of course, the scrumptious coffee. Stay tuned as we are planning a “grand re-opening” for Brookside. We’re excited about the new look and want to invite people down to experience it firsthand. We will be offering discounts and free giveaways as well as a few contests to participate in on social media. If you’re not following us on FacebookTwitter, orInstagram, now is the perfect time to connect.

In addition to our first café located in Brookside, we also have two other locations. We have one location at Town Center Crossing in Leawood just a few doors down from the Apple store. This location is situated in the heart of Johnson County and offers some of the fastest, friendliest baristas in Johnson County. It’s a perfect spot for a cup of coffee and a delicious dessert after dining at one of the many fabulous surrounding restaurants! Last but certainly not least, we have our factory Café location serving the freshest coffee in KC under the iconic DC-3 at 27th Street and Southwest Boulevard. Located at our world headquarters, this café offers our signature service, the freshest coffee you can buy, and the perfect place to find only the best in coffee accessories. We have everything from manual brewers, home grinders, and tampers, to of course, coffee! Air-roasted or green, some of which are only offered at the factory. Speaking of our factory, we have recently added a second tour on the weekdays and we have extended our hours and our tours on Saturday. Visit us for a  tour of our roasting facility Monday-Friday at 10amor 12:30pm or Saturday at 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, or 2:30pm. The cost is $5 a person. If you are unable to make a tour, no worries – the factory Café is open Monday-Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday 8am-5pm. You can book online here.

While you’re visiting the cafes you may notice a few new faces as well. Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself. We went through great lengths to find people passionate about providing great customer service and coffee. Also, we love telling our people how great they are. If you would like to let us know how awesome they are, feel free to contact the Roasterie Café Director of Operations Mike Valent ( and he’ll be sure to recognize them for their efforts.

While we have a lot of exciting things happening at our cafes, we also realize the importance of our customers. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We strive to exceed even the highest expectations of our guests and we hope that if that doesn’t happen you make us aware so that we can have one more chance at doing that. It truly is our pleasure to serve you great coffee!

We love our collaborations and were talking about them with some friends from Iowa at the Iowa State Fair. Back in the day…back on the prairie, sharing, partnering, collaborating was a way of life. From barn raising to helping harvest the crops of a nearby farmer who had health issues or another tragedy. It was just how everyone was raised. The local grocery stores worked with the local meat lockers, the local farmers, etc. Thankfully it’s starting to become a trend but for many of us here in the Midwest, it was baked into how we were raised. We have a couple of SCRUMPTIOUS collaborations that we hope you will simply love:

Goat Lady. Her real name is Janet Smith from Johnson County, MO but she loves to be called Goat Lady. Her company is called Borgman’s Dairy Farm. She was a teacher and came back to take over her mother’s goat farm (over 200 of them!). She is a doll…just darling and her goat cheese (chevre) is simply addictive. She makes several flavors, from raspberry to lemon, but far and away our favorite is her coffee flavored chevre, and I’m not just saying that! It is available at all of our Roasterie Cafes and we’ll immediately buy it back if you don’t love it! It’s embarrassing to admit but I eat it with a spoon…without the bagel or bread or anything else. She just signed an exclusive with Hen House as well.

Local Pig. Well, being from Iowa, I’m naturally going to love this guy, and from the first time I met founder Alex Pope, I did! He’s a Wisconsin native that exudes both Midwestern character and hard work ethic. He’s used our coffee in a number of his products and when we first met last year he talked about using our coffee in his world-class sausages for retail. His products are now available in the butcher case at Hen House and his new packaging will hit the market in the next few weeks.

We admire these hardworking entrepreneurs and are honored to partner with them. Please support them when you have the opportunity.

Notes from The Bean Hunter
“For this newsletter, the “notes from the bean hunter” are being written while attending the Colombia 2014 Cup of Excellence located in Neiva, Colombia, the Capitol of the department of Huila, near the area in which our Colombia Pitalito Estate coffees are grown.

In addition to visiting our established relations in Pitalito, we will be visiting Alirio Aquilera’s farm, San Isidro, which is our most recent micro-lot reserve offering at The Roasterie. We will also be traveling to Loja, Ecuador, to scout a few areas of arabica production still off the popular specialty coffee maps. There may be some diamonds in the rough, and it’s just a matter of time… vamos a ver.

Currently, several wonderful coffees have arrived at the Roasterie in addition to the above mentioned micro-lot from San Isidro, Colombia. Our other shining example of exceptional coffee discoveries came via the “Lo Mejor De Mexico” competition held in a little town of Jaltenango, near Chiapas, Mexico.  The coffee is known as “La Bomba” from the town of Ixhuatlan, in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. This is the first year for this competition, identifying the best quality coffees in Mexico.  Traditionally, producers bring their coffee to a central milling station where it is blended without cupping for quality flavors, which has given Mexico a harder time within the specialty coffee market.  Competitions like this help increase awareness and also quality control on the farm level, and also provide incentives to farmers to invest more time and care during processing.  In this case,  the blending and cooperation to produce “La Bomba” was very successful, showing cooperation among producers can continue to provide quality if monitored and selected with care. The depth of flavors, complexity, and overall balance found in this coffee is astounding. The flavors reflect the complexities of the finest Kenya coffee, with lush ripe tropical fruit, juicy body, and a smooth chocolate finish.

The third new arrival is our fair trade organic certified coffee from the Adame Gorbota Cooperative in the Yirgacheffe growing region of Ethiopia. It was so tasty, transparent and traceable to the source, we decided to submit this coffee to The Good Food Awards annual blind cupping competition held in San Francsico. This competition honors the accomplishment of producing and proving that both sustainable coffee production and quality coffees can be produced hand in hand, where both aspects establish a more sustainable economic exchange between producers, roasters, retailers, and consumers.

Our reserve coffees are moving fast, becoming more popular every month. We are very close to finishing the remaining of our natural Ethiopia Kilenso offering, along with the Costa Rica Black Honey La Pastora. We are continuing to feature the Geisha from Costa Rica and another amazing Costa Rica named “La Joya” which is still in stock and ready to be tasted by our amazing audience of coffee lovers! Please come and explore these coffees with us at The Roasterie Café or order them online today!


Jon Ferguson
The Bean Hunter”

Fun Fall Events
We are excited to be a part of a few different amazing events happening in Kansas City this fall. First is the First Annual City Slickers Charity Hoe Down on Saturday, October 11 at Drumm Farm presented by NorthPoint Development and The Roasterie. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Drumm Farm for Children and Variety Kansas City. Both are local charities that share in a mission to help children build successful lives. The Drumm Farm focuses on foster children and provides housing for foster families, while Variety assists children with developmental disabilities live up to their potential by providing them with mobility and communication devices they need. These charities do so much to help children and I know together we can make a difference for hundreds of children. Both individual tickets and sponsorships are available at

We are also proud to present the biggest event to hit Brookside in decades – St. Peter’s Meyer Fest on Friday, October 10-Saturday, October 11. Not just Brookside, but all of Kansas City is invited to join us for this two-day event to connect with neighbors and celebrate community along Kansas City’s Meyer Boulevard. Events include an 18-hole golf tournament at Swope Park, Pig Roast catered by the Local Pig, a bike ride, KidSPOT Carnival, live music, and food trucks. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

We’ll be at both events with bells on and hope to see you there!

Time to Close
I hope that you all have an awesome fall and that life brings you what you are looking for. We thank you dearly for your support and friendship and look forward to serving you in any way that we can. In the mean time, if there is anything that we can do for you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Until next time, Godspeed.


Danny O’Neill
Bean Baron
The Roasterie, inc.