The Roasterie Sweetheart Mocha (For a Limited Time Only!)

We love you just as much as you love our coffee!  And in order to celebrate our love for coffee with you, we are stirring up something absolutely delicious this Valentine’s Day!

Stop into any of our three Roasterie cafés to try a Sweetheart Mocha—only available in the month of February!

What is a Sweetheart Mocha?  It’s an absolutely lip-smacking latte made with our Super Tuscan coffee beans, Shatto strawberry milk and thick chocolate sauce.  When blended together, the Sweetheart Mocha is the perfect treat, whether you’re purchasing one for yourself, for your loved one, or even for that cute girl sitting across from you in the café.

Don’t be shy!  Come on by the The Roasterie and sip on one of our delicious Sweetheart Mochas!  They won’t be available for much longer.  Catch it while you can!