The Roasterie’s Best Blends for Home Brewing

Whether you decide to swing into one of our Roasterie cafés to grab a to-go cup of our latest blend or if you enjoy brewing up your own delicious cup at home, we have a coffee for everyone.  But this post is going to be on the exclusionary side.  Today, we are going to talk about all of you home brewers out there.

When it comes to brewing coffee from the comfort of your own home, we know you have a lot of choices.  Sometimes it can be hard to choose from one of the many great blends we provide (seriously, you should see how indecisive we are in the morning!) and it’s even harder if you’re a novice home brewer.

But we have two blends in particular that will help even the most clueless coffee novice brew a delicious cup o’ Joe.  If you plan on brewing up your own Roasterie coffee in the morning, we recommend our Costa Rica or Columbia blends. Why? As our Bean Hunter Paul Massard puts it, “With Costa Rican and Columbian blends, you can’t really mess it up!”. 

The reason why these blends work so well is because we’ve crafted them in a way that makes them like a “Swiss army knife of coffee”. Whether you like a light, medium or dark roast, it doesn’t really matter. These are the more “forgiving” blends, meaning no matter how you brew them, they will taste delicious—from light to dark!  Cheers!

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