The Top 10 Coffee Stocking Stuffers

Ahhh…the holidays—the perfect time to sit by the fire with a loved one and drink, what else?  Coffee!  Coffee and the holidays go hand-in-hand.  The colder the weather, the more delectable the coffee seems to be.  So why not share the gift of coffee with your loved ones this holiday season?

Although we have some sophisticated gifts that could be wrapped up for any coffee aficionado, sometimes, all we need to do is stuff the stockings with reasonably priced, coffee-inspired gifts.  Look no further, Santa Claus!  Here are 10 great coffee gifts to stuff into any stocking this Christmas:

1.      A good ol’ bag of beans

There’s nothing like stuffing a stocking with a delicious, fresh bag of coffee beans for your loved one.  Pick a blend that you know your coffee lover will love, or surprise them with an exotic flavor they may have never heard of.

2.      Espresso tamper

A handy little gift for the espresso lover!  Choose any tamper you like (from classic rosewood to modern stainless steel).  Our advice?  Pick an espresso tamper that has a strong grip and say goodbye to messy fingers!

3.      Coffee mugs

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a humorous, heartwarming coffee mug.  We’ve outlined a list of our favorite coffee mugs—take a look and find one that fits your coffee lover’s personality the best!

4.      Bodum Travel French Press

The great thing about travel sizes is that they make outstanding stocking stuffers!  Smaller-sized coffee equipment, such as the Bodum Travel French Press, will fit perfectly in any coffee lover’s stocking.  The model mentioned earlier holds a 16 oz. capacity—the perfect size for coffee on-the-go.

5.      Nylon Bristle Group Head Brush (for the neat freak!)

Is your coffee lover also a neat freak?  If so, he or she will love a nylon bristle head brush.  This cleaning device is perfect for anyone who has a home or commercial espresso machine.  This tool is absolutely essential for keeping a group head clean and preventing leaks between the seal of your portafilter and the gasket.  Want to really impress your coffee-loving neat freak?  Throw in a bottle of Cafiza, a great espresso machine cleaner to top off the stocking.

6.      EkoBrew reusable filter (for the eco-friendly!)

Although Keurig machines are great for fast coffee on-the-go, the K-cups they use are very wasteful.  So, for your green coffee lover (who also owns a Keurig), stuff the stocking with an EkoBrew reusable filter.  This filter can be used hundreds of times with almost any coffee blend.

7.      Coffee gift card

Keep things simple by stuffing your stockings with coffee gift cards!  Whether it’s a gift card to the local coffee shop, a gift card to a cupping session or a gift card for great merchandise, every coffee lover would be happy with a gift card.

8.      Coffee décor

Many coffee connoisseurs also set up their very own home or office coffee bars (and a lot of them do an incredible job!).  Help them with the finishing touches by purchasing unique, vintage coffee shop décor.  Complete the coffee bar with posters, signs, magnets, coasters, candles and more!

9.      Measuring spoons

Every coffee lover needs measuring spoons!  This stocking stuffer is a simple (and very inexpensive) gift idea.  Believe it or not, accurate measuring can make or break a cup of coffee or loose tea.

10.   Coffee flavored lip balm

Finish up your coffee-inspired stocking with coffee flavored lip balm!  With flavors for both tea drinkers and coffee lovers, a little pot of lip balm will top off anyone’s stocking this holiday.