The Top 6 Unexpected Places That Serve Delicious Coffee

Coffee isn’t just a beverage—it’s a culture!  In fact, coffee is celebrated in its own unique way all over the globe. You might think that it’s only lauded in the regions where it is grown, but believe it or not, coffee is celebrated even more in countries that do not grow coffee themselves.

According to our Q Grader, Paul Massard, some of the best coffee cultures come from the most unexpected places.  Below you’ll find the top 6 most unexpected countries, continents and cities that serve great coffee.

1.      South Korea

The country south of the 48th parallel is home to the 11th biggest coffee market in the world. On average, South Korean coffee drinkers consume 350-400 cups a year. The love of coffee is grounded in South Korea’s obsession with local coffee shops. In fact, because of their adoration for these small shops, the country has two soap operas centered around cafés, coffeehouses and coffee shops (or whatever you call them!).

2.      Norway

Coffee plays a large social part in Norwegian culture. In Norway, it is very common to invite people over for coffee and cakes or candies. Coffee is also served after the main course during get-togethers with dessert. Traditionally served
black, Norwegians also like to have their coffee in a traditional alcoholic beverage known as Karsk.

3.      Moscow

The bustling Russian capital is home to a very large and expanding coffee shop culture, which at one point had the distinction of brewing up the most expensive latte in the world.

4.      South Africa

The continent of Africa produces great coffee in places like Ethiopia and Kenya. In Cape Town, the capital city, there is a very large and vibrant coffee culture full of fun coffee shops to visit.

5.      Australia

When people think of Australia, they often think kangaroos and Foster’s beer. One thing they would rarely expect is a coffee culture that is often described as being “obsessive”. It’s all about the pursuit of decent coffee, which to Australians does not include Starbucks.

6.      Japan

Japan is the 3rd largest importer of coffee behind the U.S. and Germany. Coffee is taken very seriously in Japan, with much of its obsession credited to the country’s desire for all things Western.

One of the biggest perks of being in the coffee biz is the ability to travel and see the world. Life is an adventure and we can’t wait until we have a chance to experience more of the awesome culture that surrounds everyone’s favorite bean.