The World’s Rarest Coffee – The Geisha

Arguably the most prized and storied varietal in the specialty coffee industry, the Geisha name carries with it unrivaled clout compared to other varietals.

What is Geisha Coffee?

Geisha is an heirloom varietal with historical roots in Ethiopia, although its modern discovery wasn’t until 2004 when the judging panel (including our very own Danny O’Neill) for the Panama Cup of Excellence competition discovered the unique varietal. The coffee in the competition, presented by Hacienda La Esmerelda, blew the esteemed panel of judges away as it tasted more unique than any coffee they’d ever had.

Word quickly spread about this newly discovered varietal, and soon specialty farmers across Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, and many other producing countries began cultivating the varietal. Although each and every coffee is distinctly unique in flavor profile, the best Geishas tend to produce bright, delicate, floral coffees with supreme clarity and sweetness, a distinct creamy body and super soft mouthfeel.

Geisha Coffee Plant

As a plant, Geisha is incredibly fickle and difficult to produce; it garners low yields and low pest and disease resistance, driving up the cost of production. Fortunately, the quality of the coffee from these trees is arguably the best and certainly the most unique of any coffee varietal on the planet. Because of the low supply, high demand, and high cost of production, Geishas are also consistently the most expensive coffees sold on the market; commonly selling for six, seven, or even ten times the price of super quality coffees harvested from other varietals. The unique characteristics of the cup and the experience of drinking Geisha is what justifies the price; trust us when we tell you – this coffee is unlike any you’ve tasted before.

Geisha Coffee for Sale

We’ve been lucky to secure a limited quantity of Geisha coffee beans from Genesis coffee farm, owned and operated by Oscar and Olga Mendez. It’s absolutely delicious –perfectly round and delicate with notes of sweet plum, apple and peach before a unique orange blossom finish. Shop now while supplies last.