There Is Always Time For Tea!


We are famous for our coffee, but we also know a thing or two about tea. We source the best premium teas and tisanes to produce the best hot teas and cold teas around. What are tisanes you ask? They do not include tea leaves so they are naturally caffeine free.  You can drink them at any time of the day!

We thought about loose leaf brewing. It is the traditional method and makes a great cup of tea, but you need a lot more equipment and takes a lot more time. Then we thought of another fast and simple way to make a great cup of tea…

Silk Sachets vs the regular paper filter bags? Silk has a neutral taste, so you get a better flavor and you get rid of that papery taste.  Paper filters have tiny holes and it’s hard for the water to pass through, thus lacking in flavor. Silk sachets are by far the better teabags for brewing tea.

All Roasterie teabags contain the exact amount of tea to produce the perfect cup of that particular blend. The bags are also shaped in mini pyramids. Now that is pretty neat!

Check out a few of our favorite teas that we have to offer:


The unique clean cup of earthy characteristics with flavors of sweet mango pairs great with the delicious and delicate ham and cheese croissant.

English Breakfast:

Enjoy a black tea with a bright amber color with a warm and flaky scone from the many Roasterie Cafes around Kansas City.

Wild Berry:

A fruit-filled blend with heavy accents of sweet ripe raspberries and blackberries with a subtle hint of sweet apple accompanied with a sandwich from the quick bite menu from the Roasterie will sure to put you in a good mood.

Next time you stop in your neighborhood Roasterie Café and can’t decide on an espresso beverage, be sure to take a look at our tea menu!