Top 10 Ways to Pimp Your Coffee Bar

Let’s face it—we are fascinated with new toys. From shiny, new Hot Wheels to the next iPhone, from the up-and-coming digital cameras to sports cars. We all love our “toys”. And guess what? Our coffee “toys” are no exception.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a coffee bar of our very own. But if you own a coffee maker and a few mugs, you could set up a coffee bar in your home! Coffee bars range from the simplistic to high tech, from in the office to in the home, priced from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands. No matter what your personal coffee bar may look like (even if it’s just a coffee maker on your countertop), each and every single one of them can be pimped out.

And with Christmas right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to ask for these 10 new coffee toys that will pimp your coffee bar:

1. Coffee Joulies
If you’ve ever burnt your tongue in the morning because you were too anxious to get your day started, Coffee Joulies could be your lifesaver. Each bean-shaped hunk is filled with a mystical material that absorbs heat in your coffee. Won’t that ultimately make the coffee cold? Nope. The Joulies hold onto that heat and release it back into the coffee making it always the perfect temperature.

2. La Marzocco GS/3 Espresso Machine
No home coffee bar is complete without an espresso machine. The La Marzocco GS/3 is what we use in the cupping room here at The Roasterie. But guess what? This espresso machine is perfect for home use as well! If you’re an aspiring barista, the GS/3 will have your friends asking to have coffee dates at your place in no time.

3. Roasterie Custom Tamper
Behind every good barista is an even better tamper. To achieve the best shot of espresso, it’s essential to compress the coffee grounds before pulling the shot. Built like Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, this tamper will outlast even the strongest of baristas.

4. Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster
Look like a professional barista in your own home!  The Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster is a great gift for any coffee lover and can make the roasting of a coffee bean a snap (even for beginners).  Plus, with every purchase, we throw in three 5 oz. bags of samples from The Roasterie (what’s not to love about that?)!

5. Hot Rod Heated Mug
If you thrive on having piping hot coffee in the morning, reserve your car’s lighter outlet because this is the mug for you! In your choice of cherry red or piano black, this plug-in mug has a temperature gauge right on the front to keep coffee at your optimal temperature.

6.  Heart Bean Coffee Grinder
Really want to impress your friends?  Hook your coffee bar up with a Heart Bean Coffee Grinder!  This purchasable experiment was designed by Adi Navwany, Michal Shamsian, Itamar Paloge and Danielle Ram to impress even the most experienced coffee drinkers.  The machine actually grinds beans to the rhythm of someone’s heart beat!  Now that’s connecting with coffee on a whole new level…

7. Roasterie French Press Gift Set
Designed for everyone from novice to expert, the Roasterie French Press Gift Set has everything you need to brew perfect full bodied coffee that you can only get by using a French press.

8. EkoBrew™ Reusable Filter
The past few years have seen the rise of single cup brewing machines, led by brands like Keurig and Tassimo. These machines are great for novice brewers or if you’re short on time. But they are wasteful and can get expensive. The EkoBrew however, is reusable and best of all, makes it possible for anyone with a Keurig to enjoy their favorite Roasterie coffee blend!

9. Yama Vacuum Pot Coffee Brewer
Thanks to its unique vacuum brewing method, you’ll be able to extract all the flavorful oils in your coffee without altering or hiding it that tends to happen with metal or paper filters! Just give the Yama vaccuum pot coffee brewer a try—you’ll surely look like an experienced barista!

10. The Roasterie AirScape Can
It may not look too fancy, but The Roasterie AirScape Can is something that every coffee bar needs.  It’s a simple, good looking, restaurant-grade coffee bean canister guaranteed to help you keep your coffee extra fresh.  Made with 18/8 stainless steel with enamel paint finish and a patented valve, this coffee canister will actually force air out of it and provide you with long-lasting, fresh coffee.

We’re sure there are a few things on this list that will truly excite your imagination…and pimp your coffee bar at the same time! When it comes to coffee, it’s okay to be the envy of the neighborhood, just be sure to share every once in a while…but not too much.